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TATA BOLT: The bold statement from TATAs

The Tata’s journey to excellence continues, after the Zestful introductions it’s now to TATA Bolt.


So it was a pleasant experience to check out the TATA BOLT when it premiered at Coimbatore Brooke Fields under the aegis of SRT Cars the dealers and event managed by Wizcraft. Here I am going to summarise 5 features or combined in no particular order.

Ready to #get bolted
Ready to #get bolted
The front grille looks great with the sexy headlamps and the parking lamps below
The front grille looks great with the sexy headlamps and the parking lamps below

Looks: ( Adorable)
Now first things the colour was striking red and the front grille was pretty TATA style. Overall the car looks huge for a hatchback with a wide chrome grill and the sexy eyes for the head lamps! The lines are clean, distinct on the sides and neatly edges to the rear with a nice and well etched rear lamps. The chrome bar at the back makes a solid statement. The alloy wheels add to the sturdy look.

The car is styled well, look out the refined rear lamp
The car is styled well, look out the refined rear lamp
Alloy wheels add to the sturdy Looks!
Sturdy Looks!

One thing I should also mention is the black matt coated C pillar which makes a nice distinct floating roof, adding a sense of refined finish.


The Revotron at its heart! (Petrol version)
We have already been introduced to this marvel which is powering the Zestful ride across the country. Here it becomes the first in the segment to offer you a multidrive: the Sport, Eco and City modes and choose them at will and according to the roads you are on. Get on the power mode with Sport, maintain fuel efficiency with Eco and choose the City mode to balance the two! Chances are people will be using this multi drive mode with the kind of traffic we are used to and can be useful in city driving condition.

Revotron under the hood
In case you wanted to know the Coimbatore connection to this, it’s the hometown of Narain Karthikeyan, Indias F1 pioneer who was involved in the design of Revotron – a 1.2 L engine giving you 90 PS @ 5000 RPM.

The Diesel counterpart will have the Quadrejet 1.3 L delivering 75 PS @ 4000 RPM.

Inside you have the best of the collapsible power assisted steering wheel with the music and controls at finger tips.

Steering with Controls


Very nicely done dashboard and console with the ConnectneXt touch screen by Harman and ergonomically well appointed seats. Did I miss the MapMyIndia navigation system on smart phone, and the advanced voice recognition systems.

Dashboard and Music console
Very clean plastics if you ask me and the dash board looks neatly done and is refreshing for a change. You have it all in a package thats gonna floor you down and expect the unexpected from TATAs.

Nice finish!
Nice finish!


Think safety you have ABS by Bosch, the corner stability control giving you the ultimate control and add to that twin airbags in the front.


Then there is ample space in the front and back, there is enough legroom and height for seating tall people also. The backseats are foldable to make for more boot space in case you need it otherwise you have a 210 litres of space to keep things on a long drive. The finish is pretty good and gives an overall look big feel.

Back Seats
Spacious Back seats should easily fit in 3


Foldable back seats


210 litres of boot space: Can I get in??
210 litres of boot space – Can I get in??

The ride height is around 165 mm and should be good enough, I think with most Indian roads.

Ride Height
I am sure TATA has a winner in BOLT especially riding the success of Zest. In case if they can match pricing expectation as they did with Zest we will be seeing more of BOLT in roads in the days to come.

Boltified for sure! #theboltstatement
Boltified for sure! #theboltstatement

I wish I could do a test drive, well thats for the next week and would give a first hand review on the feel of how it is behind the steering wheel.

Wish I could drive it around!
Wish I could drive it around!

The team at the venue was enthusiastic and gave a patient hearing to all those who had questions and answered them to the full satisfaction.

Posing withe the team which held the audience in attention
Posing withe the team which held the audience in attention


Looks like it gets people #bolted
Looks like it gets people #bolted

There was a contest going on. I did answer a few quiz question and received a Bolt Clock as a gift 🙂

The Bolted for ever - Gift
The Bolted for ever – Gift

There was a corner where you could take picture you know just like that and an app will post it with Narain standing by the side! How awesome!

Just in case you wana test drive check here http://www.tatamotorsbolt.com/brand/

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I first saw this contest on Dr. Roshan’s FB timeline and moments later ended up registering for the #GetSetBolt experience and some hours later the confirmation also arrived with a rule to post one of the best blogs since there were lot of entries.

The face of opportunity! #WillYouShave activity



It’s perhaps an awkward way we started our college days but it has helped the personal grooming habits for a fresher. On the second day at College, we were self introduced by the seniors that they were seniors.

Well those were days when ragging is an offence board wasn’t in vogue. Nevertheless the ragging as a culture was more aimed at better relationship building and give a sense of security to the younger lots. It might have been that some stray incidents and stories would have a negative impact on the same.

So in the course of the conversation they introduced us to the basic ten commandments to be followed, while coming to college.

One of them was being clean shaven. You will laugh at the list they set, some of them include wearing rubber slippers to college, no proper bags only the yellow bag that is sort of used to carry cash by the rural folks et al.

But this actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise, so much so that we had started a daily habit of allotting the time to shave though unconsciously.

The other reward was the side glances that were obviously directed at some of us from the opposite sex at times. Cloud nine was on earth those times literally, thanking those seniors for these unintended moments.

Soon it became a habit and as the days passed it was the mode of presentation that mattered with a clean shave for an intercollegiate or a dramatics session.

So looking back they have been of great use I mean the diktat of my seniors in the early days.

There would be no reason to think about what to do since we had already got into the habit of being a presentable men without any stubble or a bit of unshaven cheeks!

These came in handy especially during my days at NCC. Your turnout should be the best espcially the shining shoes, the well ironed uniform, and a may I add a shining and clean shaven face. That would be the yardstick for your turnout. The shoes brushed and polished under the candle light glare and morning getting into a nice clean shave. The confidence is overwhelming to say the least. A look into the mirror, and the confidence rises and sets you confident like the flag fluttering high on the mast.

I have been lucky to be a Cultural Officer in all the three years of my NCC camps and when I look back its been the turnout that stand apart. Sometimes it has helped me to be in the limelight to be a part of historic occasion to be leading the charge on the parade grounds and sometimes on stage sharing the wonderful moments.

The best I would say was yet to come, when I got a call for the Combined Defence Services Exam Interviews at 22 SSB Bhopal.

A wash out at the recommendation isnt a great surprise but then our batch went on to get a whooping 12 recommendations that included me!

You look at all those wonderful gentlemen cadets and you know the shine and gleam of the face after a clean shave.

Yes its the best part of being the Gentleman and that was the time they aired the TVC which said, “Officer for 5 years and Gentleman for the rest of the life!”

I didnt make it medically fit, nevertheless it for sure that a clean shaven face brings you the best of the opportunities

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Akshaya Patra : The food as charity!

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

There is a beautiful anecdote involving the former Chief Minister of TamilNadu and King Maker of those times, Kamaraj. Once he saw a young lad working near a construction site and he went and asked him why he was working here instead of being at school?

The young lad answered with a query, who will give me food if I go and study.

This incident made an impact on the politician who later made it mandatory for schools to have mid day meals.

It is a psychology in a way and more so because even Swami VIvekananda in one of his speeches said:  “So long as the millions live in hunger and ignorance, I hold every person a traitor who, having been educated at their expense, pays not the least heed to them!”









So when Blogadda announced a blog fest to feed a child for a year it was one of the noble attempts that could happen when you are fast keying in the message on your key board.

The basic fact about the world remains that the there is enough for everyone’s need but not enough for their greed. The other side of it is the rotting of grains in the state ware houses than being used for feeding the poor. Why not we make it mandatory to share the grains to the poor and get it done away with than saving it for posterity and then rains and rats will eat them away.

The name Akshaya Patra has a reference in Mahabharatha, wherein Yudhishtra gets the Vessel called Akshaya Patra never ending (inexhaustible) in a sense, you keep asking the vessel for food it keeps giving.  Only thing is that if Draupadi cleans it up then the food session if you may call it is over. 

As for this modern world, it’s the attitude that will make it happen. Subramania Bharathi once vowed we should destroy the world if there are people begging for food. A disparity being created because of men and their actions has led to people going without food.

The easiest way is to allot a part of our grains to feed the poor, donate a part of our earnings to an active working ngo on this front. You know what you could even get the 80G on that on your taxes.

Take some time to visit places where they serve food to the needy. May be a temple or a church or a mosque. You will feel the elevating experience for sure.

The best way now is to write a blog and see a wonderful service of feeding a child for a year. The power of words on your keyboard has the ability to feed a child for one full year as much as this blog.

Promise yourself that when you are out, please dont waste food and also make it a point to buy food for the needy than give money. It will have a lasting impact on them.

I know we cannot take policy level decision but I believe charity begins at home and more so change begins at home.

If each one of us take it upon ourselves to set aside some time and money I am sure this will go a long way in making this world hunger free!

So if you are reading this and think you can make a difference wield your pen, well start typing away and that would be a nice little start we would have made! 

Just in case you want to know the T&C and more about this please check here : http://blog.blogadda.com/2014/11/11/blog-to-feed-a-child-akshaya-patra-blogadda

Happy Married Life! courtesy Quikr


The match making TVC ad from Quikr! just that my laptop got a long awaited printer and makes for a nice healdine too, now to the blog!

I have always been fascinated by the classifieds business in the sense that they cater to a whole lot of businesses, and India being a very price sensitive market, it was always going to work in favour of classifieds since they are easy to locate and more so very targeted.

My journey was going to be the last rush hour – read “Quikr” since I have been travelling across on business and personal things. I knew Quikr will help me bridge the the time out and make it happen in the quickest possible time.

I have been browsing long enough on the site now for almost a fornight, but never have looked so close into the logo; the green and blue combo – one of the basic and attractive  web colours that have an appeal. Then I decided to have a close look, the innate ex copywriter / designer in me wanted to see that.

And I was pleasantly surprised to see a pair of roving eyes and a swoosh that possibly was a searching some stuff and the time taken to find it respectively depicted in the logo… and the logo meant a word literally quicker! ok forget the formalities guys – Quikr! sounds quicker! Period.


(Two roving eyes searching and the swoosh birdie flies off in a moment giving you what you want! )

I landed to a nicely and intutitvely designed homepage of Quikr.com


You are spoilt for choices, and you didnt know you had Matrimonial also here 😛

So I browsed a lot of categories in Coimbatore, well that’s my hometown and lot of things caught my attention. We are known for cars and also high end luxury cars and to my biggest surprise, I found more than 5 pages dedicated to Mercedes Benz! You got to see it to believe it.

mercedes benz

I clicked on an ad and found it interesting, there was a cute dog in the pic, and was wondering if it is part of the deal! See how cute the dog is in this pic!


Some of my other categories that I looked into were home furnishing, computers, laptops to name a few.

Now to the most important part of the story. Why I purchased what I purchased from Quikr and at INR 5000 at that?

A little background, its been just 2 months into being on my own, yes you guessed it right – entrepreneurship runs in my blood or so I thought and well quit my job to start afresh. Literally meant to start afresh and it means boot strapping of the highest order. I was smart enough to save and buy a laptop which meant my mobility in terms of business was taken care. But we aren’t the smart ones are we?

Just as I was settling to the rigour of social media and pitches and sweet talking to my prospective clients, I found something missing for all the communication that we do on email and Whatsapp and sometimes on FB chat, still there was this ‘proposal’ that had to be sent in paper yes printed in black and white.

That’s how I came to a printer searching spree at last! A small search on the Quikr was enough, and I had a whole lot of sellers and I wanted to be specific in terms of doing the job, a printer called by any other name should be a printer that’s what I wanted and no additions, scanning is today done by the mobile phone camera some 5 MP you see!

Simply put it was on the purchase list No.1 for the small office. Add to an independent Wifi connection and some card readers and some extra accessories. To be fair I thought this month the budget would be the mandated INR 5000/-. (thank you Blogadda)

So my search was narrowed down to very clear price range 2000 to 5000 and also the in the last 14 days that I thought would be better off since the later ones could be better priced products.

HP laser printers

Called and visited the store/owner for a used printer and finalised the price as given.

The HP printer on top of the listing was ideal in my situation, it was at INR 3750/- and also some more printers.

Now to call the dealers / individuals and they were all very warm in their approach.

This is the product I chose on Quikr page…

HP printer

And after an hour or so, I decided to go check and see how the printer is and make the real purchase.

I was welcomed by a very affable customer service owner of the store in DB Road, and in the conversation that followed he was very happy with the Quikr and was only apprehensive about some duplicates flooding the listing. He has been using Quikr and it has got him rewards from across the state and he is specialising in Apple products apart from all other peripherals and laptops to mention a few. He was very happy stating he had clientele across the state and even from Bangalore and they had travelled to pick up just in case they wanted to verify.

He was like if there was a verified vendor or a review on sold products from him it would do a lot. (Quikr, I am sure there is a business opportunity here )

Checked with the piece took a printout and was satisfied. Here is the machine in real!


Another one on the list of office shopping or business shopping was a Wifi – Data card long since been thinking of this… and Quikr didn’t disappoint. The best part was the same vendor offered me a choice of the same when I told him I saw his name when I went to pick up the printer enroute home.


And the deal was made and the purchase was done the Quikr way! It is not only the used product I also got a brand new wifi data card at a steal! INR 1250 against the 1399 / 1299 quoted price! Quikr also gets you a bargain!


Now back to the marriage story!

At last my laptop got its bride in a printer. and you can see them happy. Also got the TNPL copier at a price lower at a wholesaler the Quikr way ofcourse.


And the happily married guys posing for you! Don’t miss the copier sheets and the Wifi Data card also in the frame!


So in case you are getting ready for a match for anything get your hands on the web or download an app of Quikr, then shoot and post the ad and get the match the buyer in no time!

I should say it was an awesome experience and more so an utility oriented one at that! Now I know who to call when I need something to be done Quikr!

Final word – got a nice friend in the dealer and he will possibly be selling some laptops too in the near future too!

I found some good shops in the process and some nice service providers too, and all have made to my list esp for gifting and stationery.

You could make it easier by downloading the app here! Google Play  |   IOS itunes


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Blogsters – Submission #celebrateblogging – Game of Blogs

Blogsters – Submission #celebrateblogging

Read the previous chapter here: http://ponderingtwo.blogspot.in/2014/09/game-of-blogs_22.html#.VBlziPmSz-g

Chapter 7

ACP Sanjay Arora was not his usual self. A little extra thoughtful, is what his colleagues would say if they could see him now. Maybe he had some personal issues to handle—or maybe he was just exercising his mind by going over old cases.

Sanjay had a reputation to keep, one that went beyond the confines of his khakhi shirt. His was a family built on tradition, and his work had taken him to more places than he could ever imagine.

A doting dad, a loving husband, and the cynosure of quite a few of his senior officers, Sanjay did a clean balancing act of his professional and personal lives. He knew where to draw a line, which was unpoliceman-like behavior, if you asked his friends.

As he sat in deep thought, the phone rang, shattering the silence.

He picked up the phone and held it to his ear, then took a pen and started fidgeting with it as he listened to the person on the other end.

Sanjay listened intently, and replaced the receiver without uttering a single word. It was a call from one of his seniors.

This morning, they’d gotten news of the kidnapping of a child. Looking at the available information, it seemed like an open and shut case of parents not in tandem, and looked as if it was the handiwork of either of them.

There were several similar cases that Sanjay had been tracking since last year. Many times these were dirty tricks resorted to by the parents and also helped in a way by the relatives.

Sanjay sometimes thought that, bad enough that these people behaved irresponsibly, but worse was that they acted as if the police force were also happily lazing around without much work to do. There was an acute resource crunch and Sanjay knew the police was doing its best without much ado. It was always they who had to bear the brunt of the politicians, the media, the people at large and then these frivolous complaints to add to it all.

This case was becoming an important one, the custody of the kid was always going to be a court decision, but what was at stake is also very important.

All the characters were really looking to get off their responsibilities. He would have to get to them to ensure the safe release of the child. And he would do it, come what may. After all, this isn’t the first time he’s doing something like this.

But time and circumstances had different plans for him, and he would be surprised to know that.


Read the next part of the story here: http://reigningwanderer.blogspot.in/2014/09/game-of-blogs-cyrus-lawyerround-1.html

Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at BlogAdda.com. #CelebrateBlogging with us.

Onepostday 24/30

60 minutes by Upendra Namburi – a book review

60 Minutes

Publisher Westland
Publication Year 2014 June
ISBN-13 9789384030247
ISBN-10 9384030244
Language English
Edition 1st
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 372 Pages
Book Type Fiction Book

We all know that Corporate life is a high stakes game, and that is what is presented in the “60 minutes” a fast read by Upendra Namburi. At times makes us wonder if it could be so stark I mean the corporate way of life mixed with manipulation, sex, extra marital affairs and derailment of the adversary.

Sometimes makes you sit and smell the coffee if its ok to be doing whatever you want and achieve the goal. Obviously this is the generation which feels end is the focus no matter what the means. Thats some rant from my side!

The story revolves around two corporate professionals in question, Agastya and Sailesh and how they continue to take personal rivalries to their professional life and sometimes even at the cost of the companies to end up spending crores and crores.

The narrative is very fast as the author sets the time of 60 minutes to go into a press conference for a launch of a product and the every minute makes up for so much of action sometimes its streched but overall he has a hold on the things for the reader and the narrative being interspersed with flash backs make it worthwhile sometimes actually trying to justify the now!

The series of actions and the game of chess, the BlackBerry messenger chats to looking at the tab for the market info all are placed in a way to keep you hooked and add to the flavour of the moment, possibly you will be wondering will there be a message or will the bourses take a hit for Agastya.

It would make for film as good as Corporate if you make one.  The characterizations of the narrative sometimes is so stark and the protrayal of women needs much to be desired. Be it Maithili, Priyanka and the wives of the two men in the story.

As a story it lends itself to mass appeal of corporate culture and the has a alls well that ends well to it, but after a real acrimonious bout of ego clash and personal rivalry.

A fast paced and easy read this is bound to be a best seller. You could do it easily at a single stretch if you want and may be two sitting is all you will need. Since its got only three characters you need to work with its pretty easy to follow the story and I think author has got it pretty right and tight with those characters.

I would like to thank Blogadda for the opportunity to review this book!

This review is a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!


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Tata Zest #ZestUpYourLife #tatamotors Auto Review

Tatas are on a roll, literally you would know if you drive the new Tata Zest car. They have upped the game for sure with a lot of first in the segment / class for sure. The car has lot of features which will put a lot of pressure on the competition and for sure this looks Tata’s time of reckoning is here and now. My partner on this drive was the very very enthusiastic Santosh! Fresh from meeting Narain Karthikeyan he was pumped up to test the car to the limits and he did, not to be outdone I also did the same.










Am amazed by the fact that they have taken on a philosophy of making a car with three distinct practical values in Design, Drive and Connect and being the futuristic and first in class that they are they call these DesignNext, DriveNext and ConnectNext.

Lets look at the appearance, has a great look with the signature TATA logo and a grille actually has a appearance of a ready to go machine.  A stronger shoulder line accentuates it in the side and the rear is well done rounded and has a design to give a very stylish look.

Not to miss are the Projector headlamps, and day time running lamps a first in its class. The LED tail lamps are another attraction and if you are talking about all these the colors are absolutely great and makes the car look pretty and stylish back to front and vice versa. The 15 inch alloy wheels are standard equipment . Has the widest body and lengthier in its segment.

You have a clean and very well thought out interiors, you sink in the seats very comfortably, adjust it and the steerin wheel looks pretty with the controls on the sides.

Tata zest dashboard











The steering wheel has all the features which fit in pretty cool and if I may add its about 20 mm lesser in diameter that the rest of its contemporaries. The diameter reduction is compensated using brushless motors and it gives u full control and gets back to its original position without much delay.

You don’t have to take your hands off, and especially in the fully loaded version your voice command can almost get you a song from the phone connected via bluetooth, make a call and more importantly enjoy the drive.

You could even change the temperature of the AC with Voice Control.  We did change the AC two times and it made it happen like a genie! Change songs as much as you want tell the player what you want and it shall be played. All at a touch of button to activate voice control. It was surprising it could understand the songs in HIndi! And add to that 4 Speakers, 2 in the front and 2 in the back with tweeters added to make you not miss a beat.

There was enough leg room and the seats could be adjusted to the hilt. The interior is nicely done and has a charm to it and adds to look and feel of a big car. I think we found a bottle holder missing in its size and was at the front rather almost close to the manual part of the AC and Sporty/ECOmode changers. Talking of which AC is excellent and cools fast and throws in good measure.

It can easily seat 5 people has a boot space pretty well furnished and has a good leg space too which actually is the most cabin roominess in its segment.

We did test the ABS, its works absolutely in the corners and makes it a breeze to cruise without making any difference to the cars stability.

The engine is called Revotron for the petrol version with three modes in Eco / Sporty and City.

Then we have a first of its kind Automatic Diesel with AMT – Auto Manual Transmission. It gives a control of changing gears with just moving it up and down. Awesome isnt it.

Now to the best part of driving the cars! 

We started with the Diesel – A very cool composed car at first impression. On the auto drive mode,  you start the car, the car comes alive but there is not much noise. You slowly press on the gas and it goes zoom as much as you want.  The car zips past the speeds at ease and you have a very lively and engaging steering wheel to support. And then you press the brakes, it goes to a stop like a kitten. No jarring et al.

The ground clearance was pretty good as we tested it around some bumps and it is easy to handle post the clearing the bump on the road. The suspension does a good job, may be if we had some more people it would not effect the back side of the car.

We tried the Manual Transmission which evidently also becomes Auto if you are lazy not to change the gears manually with a bit of sound as it revs up or revs down.

Otherwise it’s  a breeze and it was the first time driving an Auto for both of us it was a great drive no hiccups and getting settled so fast.

We touched a high speed even on small roads and it was great to handle it without much effort.

You have a winner in the Diesel if we are to go by the experience and city drivers will be happy so will be the ladies.

The next we drove the petrol with 1.2 liter engine, with three modes, normal gears and it was also a responsive and was going smooth even in the 4th gear and a slower speed I think this can as they say lessen gear changes and lead to more fuel economy.

Once it changes to sporty you can feel the difference as if they have been refreshed. It goes fast and handles the roads very well.

The gear could be bit more  smoother than it is otherwise this is a clear winner from TATA and look forward to seeing more Zests on the road and people Zest Up their Life as much as we did Zest Up Our life today.



Zest Up Your Life! A BlogAdda Event in Goa #TataZest









A classic event amidst the nature and a wonderful weather making it all the more awesome and yeah the word was Zestful.

The event which started for me with a DM from Harish and team and having landed in Goa, had a more emotional moment for me meeting one of the very personal role models, my former CEO, Narain Karthikeyan. Destiny it must be. 🙂

Coming to the event I believe this has been an exceptionally well organised event at a notice like this, and they had everything in place to the core. The day did start pretty early for me and a blogger friend @pythoroshan as we boarded a Jet Konnect at Coimbatore Airport on a ATR aircraft to Chennai. Then we were joined by the blogger friends from Bangalore and we all took off on Jet to Goa.

We has arrived. The Airport welcome desk started it all, and then a journey to the hotel Zuri Resorts. We could see the buzz and we were all awed by the efforts gone into the  making of the event. An awesome lunch and a bit of siesta later we were back to what were were supposed to do.

A briefing and followed by a Master Class and a mystery guest in Narain Karthikeyan, the event enilivened the evening and giving us a lot of glimpses into how the car which we got to drive the next day was conceptualised and made to the car that we drove.

We could feel the emotion on how they had taken over 3 years to bring a product to life. a very new best in class segment with awesome features that will help put the car in the big league.

Personally it was a happy moment for me as Narain went on explain how this car has been a part of his wish list and I am sure the team must have had an Zestful experience working with him too.

The presentation took us through the best of the car and what we were going to test it on road. Made us feel that Tata has come of age and a very prominent feature on the whole Zest is the team is pretty Young and I am sure they have that very well portrayed and executed in the way they have designed the car and especially the thing about the ConnectNext which is bound to be loved by the young and mobile population of India.

Some photo moments later and dinner followed. Another awesome food arrayed in front of us.  Dinner and networking and lots of selfies later it was time to say goodnight with a great day to drive next morning. I would miss if I dont mention @missmalini hosting the show for us.

We woke up to an alarm and got to walk the sands on the beach, feel the fresh air and look at the vastness of the sea. Back and all set for the drive, after breakfast, we went to another briefing session.

Then the real thing happened. The driving the car.  We got the Diesel AMT to drive first with Santhosh as my partner, we were all set to go. Let me tell you Santhosh is a big big fan of Narain and what would you expect him, took the car to the max really and we were back.

Then time to take the Petrol version and went on a ride and back in time to live blog.

An awesome experience altogether expect I think we would need some more time to know the car better.  As for the organisation part it was extremely well organised and we need to give three cheers to the team that has executed it.

A great + awesome ZestUpYourLife Event will be remembered for the wonderful opportunity it brought the top 50 bloggers in the country and network among themselves. These would be really great in fostering relationship and making better opportunities for everyone in their field. I would like to say I have made a lot of friends at this event and know about their work. Thank You Harish, Ankita, Ananth and Preethi and ofcourse all the team from Tata, Wizcraft for making this event a great show and a memorable one!

Thanks Once again Blog Adda! Tata Motors and all the bloggers!

My Mommy greatest! My Role Model


Hailing from a very lower middle class family and making it up to a govt job as a mechanic and retiring as a senior foreman, all the while making sure that kids have the best in education and more so make investments at the right time mange finances minutely and see them well off.

Thats in a nutshell Dad’s life. All through the life he was living for the dream of the kids and the family, working overtime and saving money in ppf so that we can pay the yearly fees which was a kind of help extended by my school.

Al thorough I have not seen him negative at any point in time. Sometimes looking back I wonder if it was all possible at that time or how on earth did we pull it off. This has ingrained in us siblings to look at life in a perspective not jump at decisions.

We have learned a lot from him on what to expect from life and how to turn an adversity into an opportunity. And at some time he has also taught us the value of self respect. That has also stuck to us in many ways than one.

Even in the worst of circumstances, its always been an inspiration to look up to him and try to imbibe those traits in us. One more he has taught us is to be ourselves and take decisions in the right way irrespective of the circumstances. Keep yourself honest and always be a person with integrity and that would make it a success for oneself though the yardstick may vary for different set of people.

We have learnt quite a lot and still its tough to digest how its been this journey of life. A lot to go on and I keep looking back at those days to see how we have grown and still growing.

In all this there was another person who would stand to support him, ofcourse it was our Mom! 🙂

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Senthilkumar Rajappan

Their day out!

For long they have been looking at each other,

Exchanging glances over the corridor,

Sometimes at the table when the classes are on.

She is new to the place and

He too is new to the College.

He was Rahul. She was Pooja.

So as days passed and conversations grew;

They got to know each other.

A few weeks later, she said ‘why dont we go out?’

He replied, ‘why not? and they decided on a place.

The first time he was going out with her.

He thought long and short,

On how he would present himself.

She too was thinking so much,

She wanted to be pretty like a fairy,

For it was her first date in her life.

He too knew that and decided

That has to be a cherishing moment.

She wondered how would he present himself

‘Will he be with the stubble or clean shaven?

What would he be wearing?

‘Am I thinking too much?’ she asked herself!

He would look cute and nice clean shaven.

Well lets see she told herself.

The day did arrive, they turned out in their best.

As she walked toward him,

He felt a gush of warmth hitherto unknown.

He reached out with a beautiful rose.

She took it to smelt it softness.

And hugged him with love unbound.

She could feel his cheek, smooth and chiseled,

She gave a loving kiss on his cheeks.

He was on the clouds literally,

Yes for once ‘His clean shaven look

Had bowled her over.’

He would not forget this moment;

Nor did she as he kissed her cheek.

All through their life.

Now 25 years, later they are walking

The same road and he still is sporting

That clean look – without a stubble.

– Senthilkumar Rajappan

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