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One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat #bookreview

One Indian Girl

You got to give it to Chetan, for once there is a semblance of the characters and not much melodrama which we found in his earlier works or atleast thats what I thought so. To be fair I have read all his works even the non fiction he wrote. His work as a screenplay writer is very much in display as much as he has worked on the characters.

The story is that of Radhika who is working in a financial MNC and is rising up the ladder and ofcourse in those times of her life going from the Indianess to being the global woman that she becomes, this is a story which is narrated in the first person.

I loved the character and its doesnt seem like Radhika is a girl in the way she approaches life and also makes it liek she is living her life on her own terms. I am sure there are many Radhikas in here and probably you do know some.

The story is a well knit one, you dont have to keep tab. It opens in Goa and ends in Goa in a matter of some 48 hours and the past sprikled in measures and doesnt take much time to finish it. I finished it in one go over six hours. You don’t have to probably think about what is ahead sometimes its so predictable.

One thing which is presented well is the feminist approach and the author takes a middle path when the character in Brijesh who is supposed to marry Radhika says its more good to be human first.

I think the author has taken pains to define the feminist in the protagonist which I think was unnecessary. So too are the explicit scenes of love making which ideally could have been avoided. It looked like it has been planted.

On the other side I also wonder how a male feels when he is ditched, thats for another day.

But like I said this is a nice presentation and going by Chetan’s way of teaching English in his conversational style this is a nice book to read.

A fast paced love story gone wrong in the corporate corridors and a great deal on woman’s perspective of how she thinks and feels. I would give it a 3.5 stars on 5.

The characterisation of all the players in this book are worthwhile and you can easily relate to some characters you have come across.


Tweets, thanks and bouquets…

I do think sometimes you get to spend some extra time on twitter and in case you get interested in something unless you are a Journo or a TV anchor you can be rest assured that your day is gone for a six. Again its a matter of choice and quite often you get to be spending quality time on unnecessary issues like our television anchors do.

Last week esp last two days have been really great for me (@rsenthilkumar) at twittersphere. Monday night was a great time when (Rajdeep Sardesai) @sardesairajdeep answered a question on the issue of Question Hour being wasted. I was on Cloud 9, literally to be getting an answer from Rajdeep Sardesai was no mean achievement.

Then the next was @RashmiBansal, I am to be frank a big fan of hers right from the JAM days, a different person who chose to be different what else. In conversation with her and actually its because of her impact (my entrepreneur label is still being bandied about) she tweeted on the business and wished me goodluck…

Well then ofcourse you have @Chetan_Bhagat, as I was watching the time line, TIME posted that the 2010 TIME 100 list was out and and I had also quit twitter that moment and it struck me I had to check if CB was there I had voted for him, then I caught up with Chetan Bhagat with the news breaking news rather and it was kind of him to say thanks with a buddy added against my name…

I also have had the privilege of being tweeted by @Lalit_Modi the man behind the IPL and the fiasco that followed it. Then ofcourse @Smitarnair makes it a point to answer everytime she can. Thanks.

I believe this twitter has the ability to break the barriers and make it fruitful for the author and the readers alike the case of CB and his fans.

Am so happy 🙂 for the tweets and it means a lot, a bit of recognition if i may say so of being another Twitterer.

R Senthilkumar

Welcome back

Absolutely great way to usher in a new year, I was at my friends restaurant with a small group of people and we had fun welcoming the new year.

The Chetan Bhagat controversy was another issue which was in my radar till it subsided and ofcourse till it became an non issue. In between I had been to Sabarimala and what a sea of humanity there to worship the great Lord. Great darshan, a waiting for a Lufthansa moment if you may call it.

Then as we were returning at Nilackal one of the copassengers had stumbled upon the Jaggubai VCD, well it was what you call it as FX copy, very clearly putting the onus on the industry this time than the outsider.

I thought I would be the guy to report it (lol) but as I entered the city it was all over the place, this was on Monday last.

This year as much as we would love it I too have made resolutions, and will try to keep up as much as possible.

Catch up…

R Senthilkumar

Hey Chetan Bhagat twittered thanks!

It’s a wonderful feeling when one of your most loved and favorite writer tweets you back saying thanks, it happened today. The night, day before yesterday was spent sleepless. Did earn the wrath of my mom when she passed my room to see it was 3 in the morning and I had not slept yet.

Well real culprit was 2 States – the new novel by Chetan Bhagat, I took it up the last day and after getting over with my work on Monday, I thought let me finish it off and I did at 4 in the morning….next day.

I promptly went to his website and did my feedback. He is one such author who knows how to reply. (we seldom get replies for fan mail.)

Then I thought boss, he is more active on twitter why not tell him there, sure I did and today when I saw his replies it included my name…@rsenthilkumar

I did think he was best a script writer the way he does his narration so much that we start thinking at times on what is next from him. Pretty cool and the book had one great character in the Dad, the Army Officer. Sometimes Dads are like that.

Anyways had a great time today with a thanks from my fav Chetan Bhagat. Thanks Chetan Bhagat Saab, Thank you very much.

See ya….

R Senthilkumar