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Series of programmes…

Last week at colleges made me think about the exposure levels of students to general reading habits and that also made me think about the Samacheer Kalvi or whatever we are aiming at.  In the guise of actually making a systematic single proramme I think it would be foolish not to challenge the intellectual capacity of the students.

If you look closely the Education ministers have a detailed plan in so much as to alter the way the generation thinks about our past and how it will be about our future.

It has happened in the past and will also be in the future. Nevertheless it is noteworthy to know what can happen during these times and how it will be leveraged on the history pages of the school books. We can even find some of the political leaders adorning the history books and non detail texts already.

The readin habit has been given a grand burial with the questions not being asked from general knowledge and the exam being from the cover to cover syllabus, so much so that if you ask in question in any different sense they would suggest that they are not willing to answer and mark it as “out-of-syllabus”.

Some thoughts this and then ofcourse English has to be taught so much that there should not be any discrimination for students coming from rural areas. Shoot all those English teachers who failed in their duty of teaching English.

Just some frivolous thoughts this…

R Senthilkumar

The Universities that never were…

The news item is a reality check on our education system. (read the article here)

As much as we would like to free Higher education, there should also be a good part of administrative mechanism which does not have a fallout or gets entangled in red tape. The process of online and tranparent system had just been started and hopefully should lead us to greater supply chain management vis-a-vis education is concerned.

There was a call from a reputed university which said that there needs to be good ideal situation to make things happen for hose people who have managed it professionally.

On the other hand we have had Rich Dads as chancellors and sons as vice chancellors and pro chancellors… but we cannot argue when they suggest some people enjoy this at the cost of the ballot.

Lets see this should usher in good reforms….

Update: The partial list is in the news item which appeared in the Hindu and most of the them are in TamilNadu… (I was a student of a distance education Programme at Vinayaka Missions)