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Its never too late chase your dreams!

Never too late














As I was thinking what to write today I felt there was one thing that we don’t take ourselves seriously. Especially on chasing our dreams. We feel its too hard or we are too ambitious at times to chase the dream. And sometimes it will be that we think its too late to chase your dreams.

But if you look back at the best of the professionals or success stories it has always been that they have taken it up after people thought everything is over. Some days back I came across this infographic where it showed how people post 35 actually went on to make their life a success.

My favourite and a big guru of Advertising David Ogilvy started at 36. Here is an excerpt from an article:

“In 1948, at the age of just 37, David Ogilvy founded his first agency. It was named Hewitt, Ogilvy, Benson & Mather, a company that would eventually become Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. Of course, Ogilvy wasn’t in this alone. The company was established on the back of an already successful London agency named Mather & Crowther, which quite handily was being run by his older brother Francis.

What’s more astonishing about this start-up agency is that, at this point in his life, David Ogilvy had never written an advertisement. Not even an idea for an outline for an ad. Some would call this arrogance. Others, stupidity. But Ogilvy had a confidence about him that was backed by hard work, astuteness and an irresistible charisma. He also had just $6000 in the bank. Not bad for an average joe’s savings account, but certainly not a fortune for an advertising agency in the heart of New York. From these humble beginnings, Ogilvy would build an empire.”

I think it needs conviction from one’s side to be doing what they want and achieve that by doing whatever it takes. The rest of the history of Ogilvy is for the world to see.

Just don’t let age be a factor in your pursuit of your dreams, may be there were other factors which were stopping you from chasing your dreams. Or in case you want more inspiration please turn to Colonel Sanders who started KFC at an age of 65.

Just think over this, in case you need to work on something it time to start now, may be you wanted to be writer, you wanted to own your garden or may be wanted to own a business close to your heart, its never too late! 

In case you want to check the image in higher resolution, please click: http://fundersandfounders.com/too-late-to-start-life-crisis/

Cheers to chasing your dreams!


One post a day 6/30

The power of writing your goals!

Write your goals
Write your goals
















I have been thinking I will be blogging or writing a post on a day to day basis.  The problem with us is that we just keep thinking and so I created a challenge for myself. This was after I stumbled upon the most prolific Slide show ever which was a revelation in so many ways.

First it actually taught the power of writing your goals, and if you may have the audacity to share it with the world, I would like to use the word here, because its a commitment with the world not to yourself that you keep changing the goal post, it would make a lot of sense and also give you enough pressure to deliver on those promise.

So when you write the goals and make it public you take the whole responsibility and put yourself on a mirror and then align it to your activities accordingly the time and place factor for you to achieve your goals.

To make the pursuit worth it put it a place where you often see yourself. May be the mirror or your closet to keep yourself reminding about it. You can even make it the facebook cover page till it is realized. I can sense your irritation if any, this will help you look at only that wherever you are.

You remember the birds’ eye view from Arjuna’s perspective. He saw only the eyes not the whole bird neither the trunk it was perched on nor the wings or the feathers. He was focused so much and it meant a lot in terms of achieving the target of hitting the bird without fail.

So when we make it public, there is a big chance for us to be aware that we have made our self bare and we would be vulnerable if we don’t even try. Here’s another catch, even those who make their goals public have attained 70% or so and 70% is a big number mind you given that we have had enough goals and moved many a goal posts according to our whims and fancies simply because we never told anyone.

There is this phrase we are getting used to; ie no new year resolutions right. That once in a while is fun, but when it comes to personal goals it need not be yearly. It can be monthly, weekly and daily then you can afford not have a yearly resolution.

On a day to day basis we need to contribute to the goals. Say to achieve 30 posts daily there is a need to assign a time to finalise everyday’s post. Thats a challenge that will be analysed and worked upon. You cannot copy paste a post for sure then there’s no fun. Anyways its worth a try.

Write down your goals, help yourself to read it loud and better still tell the world you want to do. Never mind even if you don’t make it but don’t let it go untried.

So here’s to  a happy writing a goal with a time frame and share it to not just yourself. That would make all the difference. You will win it irrespective of the result for sure.

Its an introspection for you every time you look at the goal and every time you are inching closer to it.

That makes it 29 posts to go! #Experimentsuccessfullystarted


Pic Courtesy: bealeadinglady.com