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Just the moments of togetherness #together

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I am an eternal optimist and know that I will pull it off. Its only a matter of time before things fall in place. During those moments when you feel that you are on the thin ice not necessarily true to the literal sense, still think you need some one who can say ‘yes that’s the way and don’t worry everything is gonna be alright’. That’s the time.  Those are life changing moments in small measure not so drastic for the world to see,  still needs someone who can say what you want to hear and boost your morale.

I know I can look upto him, my friend. Not much is in common with our careers and personal life. Never the less there seems to be the meeting of minds when we need to discuss and take a decision for good. This is when it matters the most. But we have had our time managed to meet at regular intervals at our favourite places.

At times there would be no talks and at times heated discussions, it all boils down to having to understand the others point of view. But more than that its the belief that there is someone behind you to back up your plan, your thoughts and someone to vet it for you in terms that you never fathomed it.

At times its just the meeting that makes it all worthwhile. Being together and sharing the things would make it easy. That’s kinda I know I can get myself assured feeling and moment.

The best part is this, sometimes its a monologue from my side at a stretch. It could be that we needed someone to listen. Infact helps to be listened to may be. Makes a lot of difference in the way we approach it after someone has heard us and decision is made. It also feels like its being more independent after such a meeting of togetherness.

The other side of it is he is not near these days. His presence is felt when I go to the places where we have been and have had our talks. That those places still seem to buzz on activities make it a nostalgic even today.

And there are times I take a walk all alone at night and then come back refreshed with an answer that has been prodding me. A lone walk with melodious music from the playlist of my mobile will add to the calming effect that is needed for you. There is a talk between one self and it makes you very clear on what the next step should be.


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To be or not to be! #StartANewLife

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The times have been turbulent. Legally. The storm has ended. The sea was getting back to normal waves from being ruthless high tides. It was time to set sail. Literally. Five years back, looking ahead I boarded a train after one of my wellwisher friend said ‘get on to the next train.’ Lets get going. (On looking back that train was destined to Mumbai, where Housing.com started it all.)

Sometimes change is all you need and sometimes that’s so true for the place, which obviously gives you a sense of comfort. A sense of comfort zoned. Things can be ok an sometimes mediocre still you would want to continue. You don’t want to risk anything. maintain status quo. But you need that jolt that you can be better or there is a whole world waiting for you. Experiences and relationships that can change your life forever for the better.

It was going to be new place, new people, I would be building a new life literally. I reach Mumbai and with the help of my friend who happens to be my brothers classmate in Thane. I got to know he took the Western Expressway to go to work.

A week of searching houses and getting into a PG a Punjabi family at that. I was getting to work with new set of friends, well wishers, and fully expanded career in digital. The pace was  too good getting settled into the role was on the job in a matter of few days.

I was living the game. enjoying it if you ask me. It made all the difference. To look at the different aspect of life. To be you and make up for the lost time. That moment that I decided to leave hometown made all the difference in starting a new life.

You get a sense of what adaptability means and get used to everything new but that’s how the life is and if we can make it happen with those challenges then we have arrived.

You got to do your own things, all of a sudden, there are personal responsibilities, keeping things perfect. You are the master of the house. You get to do it the way you want. Keep it clean or dusty and the like…

Since then it has been a roller coaster ride career juggling a lot of things, and looking forward to more challenges everyday. It opened up new vistas and new way of thinking and also a bit on entrepreneurship which was latent made a come back.

This phase also got me to look at change in pace of a metro and was soon realizing the cinematic expressions first hand. A lot of things you get to know how life reflects the reel and vice versa. Looking back I knew that was a start that was very much needed.

Some time later I moved to Delhi, that again was a move that changed my ideas for better. Thats for another day.

if you ask me this video is a wonderful collection of the journey that comes in fulfillment to the newest logo on the block. Housing.com could not have expressed it better.


Lookup – A roof over the head #happyhours


I remember those days. Very stark in a way.

We were in a rented house and our house was being built. Brick by brick. We had our fun times, playing in the sands, building castles, making miniature kitchens and dinner served among us little friends.

A hazy remembrance of those still exists. Simply because the topography of our location has changed considerably in all those 30 years.

The house was being built and it had come to the RC level. We needed to get those set of RC mixers, those days we needed to build a step which will be a bridge from the mixer to the place where they mixed concrete was thrown to make a ceiling.

All the work was done and as the fate would have it, the engineer or so-called one disappeared with all the money meant for the next day. I didn’t know that day how frantic my dad and my mom was. But I got to know later how they had to literally ask every one in the family to help and also get loans at higher interest so that the work on that day – of the reinforced concrete was done.

A few weeks later, we moved into the partially built house with our belonging, we would be saving on the rent, though just one room was made with just built out of bricks and no windows and a make shift door in the front greeted us.

It took a few years of hard work to get on to making the desired house and now as I look back at the way how my parents have done it, its absolutely a miracle and sometimes do think how they made it. Almost some ten years to get the whole thing into a complete home. I knew all those moments when the home is done with people even if there is no complete building. I do reckon that’s how so many homeless and under privileged also live giving it a sense of accomplishment in their lives to have a roof over their head.

I know it was a sense of optimism that we can do better ahead, and sense of a positive future that we are looking ahead. This has been an inspiration in a sense that all you need is to look forward and things will fall in place.

Everytime I think about this, I look up to my parents perseverance and dogged determination to make it happen. Its a dream for any one to have a roof over your head. And sometimes the cost is not just the money that you might not have.


PS: I really loved the Housing.com’s  rebranding and that arrow showing upwards and the meaning can only be that of infinite possibilities.

Just take a look! https://housing.com/lookup