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The Past two Races…

I have been tied up with professional commitments that I could not write about the last weekend at Melbourne. It was one of the finest first corners and then ofcourse the best if you were Jenson Button. It was no fluke if you ask me the lights to flag was indeed an effort well rewarded by the podium. Barichello coming second was the icing on the cake for Brawn GP. What an incredible dream debut. A history of sorts for a team which was not in the list some 30 days ago.

The team did show that the performance on track was not just a fluke, though the lingering thought if Kubica and Vettel incident did not happen does arise, still it would have altered it a quite a bit.

One thing probably the fans are enjoying is seeing the big names in the lower parts of the time sheets which were a rarity for the past few years.

The results were traded so many times even during the Sunday and it did go on and was reverse traded for Trulli and an act of shame was discovered by FIA on Hamilton and then the results were stripped off for Mc Laren. It was no doubt a shameful act and it deserved the punishment.

Even before the Malaysian GP started Nico was wary of the Twilight race so too was Kubica. The fears came true and the race did happen at such Rainy conditions only to be stopped. The confusion at the track does n’t seem to augur well for the F1 as a whole nevertheless the winner this time is again Button after some 32 laps into the race and being cancelled he continues to lead the championship with 5 points added to his tally of 10 from Melbourne.

Will add as and when I find time…

Senthilkumar Indian F1 fan