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Schumi! You can do it!



I didnt think when I resolved that I will blog more on F1, I would have to have a different Schumi story to start with. The news from the Alps from France was like a thunderbolt, which has muted so much of enthusiasm for the fans aross the world.

Micheal Schumacher, the 7 time world Champion is in coma after a skiing incident. The irony of the accident is we have seen Schumi drives at speeds over 300 kmph and the safety of the F1 car giving its drivers the best on what it can offer today. This incident probably brings back a lot of memories of the past era espeically the accident of Senna which happened during a race. It took a long time for those fans to recover.

Accidents like these have demonstrated the will power of extraordinary sports persons to fight against all odds. The latest news coming from the hospital bulletin and social media updates do give the feeling that Schumi is not the one to give up.

I always have Robert Kubica in mind and the eternal fighting spirit that he personified since his accident and getting back to drive in world rally a few years later. I have always believed the sports person have this innate ability to come back, mentally stronger and physically robust after every fall.

The outpouring of grief and the prayers are testimony to the way the man and way he handled the mean machines – the way Schumi has impacted a generation of motorsports fans across the globe. I am sure these are extraordinary times for the immediate family and the friends.

Yeah Schumi, you will win, and you are fighter and only known to cross the line with finesse and great elan. While we await your recovery here’s praying that you get back and see the flood of emotions that the world had for you.

I know Schumi, you can do it and you will, for the world is just waiting to see you back.

Your fan always!

Michael Schumacher on Pole!

Well that was the headline that was not to be! Micheal Schumacher the seven time World Champion and the Mercedes Team driver went on to finish on top of the Qualifying Session, except that a 5 place grid penalty was hanging right from the last grand prix and would start 6th tomorrow!

It has been quite a while since the fans and the teams have looked to Schumacher to regain his stronghold, and the time has come today when he went on take the pole. Monaco is one of the trickiest circuit in the calendar and just when people were discussing how other teams were doing the best, Mercedes seems to have got it right this time with two of it drivers in a clash of making it to the top three.

Tomorrow it going to be a great day with the order looking very solid and Webber who is now on pole would not want to miss out on such an opportunity especially at Monaco.

Now will wait and watch how it will unfolds tomorrow and with no margin for error the driver who steers a nice drive can be sure of a lights to flag, and yes will it rain????

R Senthilkumar

My reply to Firstpost.com article on Narain!

Here’s my answer to the article titled So Narain, why are you in Formula One?

Dear Ashish,

I couldn’t stop myself from replying to this, most of the readers have already made their views felt. I am sorry I dont know how much you know F1 or for that matter, the financials and how it all works.

If you know how Narain performed on the A1 GP or even the F3 alongside Button, you would have stopped yourself from continuing to trash.

Yes the 107% rule did forbid the team from participating, but you have to know the reasons behind this. The teams at the top for want of running a few seconds faster on a lap spend almost 10 x the money this lower rung teams spend. They get the best of the R&D to support them while these lower rung teams help the wannabe drivers to test and help themselves establish.

Unfortunately there are only 24 drivers today and to be a part of that it makes it absolutely a great achievement. Look at the grid before you write, 6 champions and a whole lot of veterans and then you got to look at the teams. By your logic teams like Williams and even Renault would have to hang up their boots and look for alternatives.

Sportsmen go through some ups and downs but just because you have been out of a race you dont need to take a stand like this.

I dont understand your logic with respect to Pedro de La Rosa, why do you think Narain is inferior to Pedro? Narain hasnt had the luxury of even having 2 full season under his belt. You would not have known why he had to drop put last time? or he had a chance to drive a Minardi long time back.

Or take the case of Adrian Sutil, where is he now after so long a stint with the Force India now Sahara Force India, chances are Narain could have done a better job, its all in the long drives that you do.

And for all those asking why Narain couldn’t make it better than his team mate, let me tell you probably he is/was only one of the driver who had to drive, do the sponsorship bit and do everything on his own unlike the counterparts he has had in other countries. And sometimes even have to read such articles.

The paddock knows Narain for his drive albeit a wild driver with instincts that are fully of those a race driver. But see how Jenson Button was an unsung hero for over 150 GP starts and now he is celebrated. I am sure none of the British Journos would have derided Button after say just one full season and a part season after long.

The most laughable part you have mentioned is about the advertisement. Unfortunately drivers of the low rung teams dont have the luxury of pocketing the money. Especially when we should raise 5 crore to a million in Indian Rupees, while its just a million for others in the world and it helps if you are in Europe to do a Euro transaction.

Nobody has ever told him he is Micheal Schumacher that is a ROFL statement you have made to make you unworthy of what you are writing. Comparing Schumi’ years of experience and just a season needs some humorous instinct.

As for the tag line, the fastest Indian in the world, it was given by the British Press and I still think no one has taken it away from him at least as of now. If there are people who shall do it then of course he can claim that title to be his but that doesn’t change the facts.

Wrong comparisons does more damage than really making critical insights, please back up with what you are writing. Its easy to key in because you hold a view but also be sure that if its held to a mirror you should be able to stand to it.

It is also a matter of jumping the gun, especially in F1 the cars are never equal and the treatment too is never equal even within a team. WIth such a background it would have made better if you had called for Narain in Sahara Force India than this since its Kingfisher’s advertising expense which runs the team in a way.

And if you think you can win races with HRT then I can see you comparing Maruti 800 and a Honda Civic. Only parameter Maruti wins is the price.

My last request to FP please refrain from these style of reporting or ideations, it does no one any good.