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Resilience / Resiliency? anyone…

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I have been down and out and how?

One of the worst times was when I lost someone very close and dear to me. Add to that being held liable for the same event, and there was no time to mourn. Legalities continued and took almost 5 years to get off.

Every day there was no sun shine if at all there was it was a bit of hope. Godsend my job was intact by the mercies of some one who I will adore for the rest of my life for being solidly behind me. So those were times when it said you still have HOPE. Yes in capital letters HOPE.

I had to change when the trial was getting on and was jobless in a way after that.

Though these were days of nightmares here’s how I made use of them.

Some of those things I did in no particular order:

1. Took to blogging, even some articles on mouthshut.com. I wrote on everything I could relate to especially R K Narayan or things I felt about.

2. Took to official blogging in a sense, I was blogging at O3- now defunct its a part of indiatimes.com (infact we are trying to get a plugin built so we can download all our works but no one responds from Indiatimes)

The blog was my biggest refuge – at last count I had over 150 written on F1 seasons and also had a prediction league at that. Top it all with a second prize for sports category in O3 Awards.

I made some great friends who are in touch even today.

3. Turned to spirituality, it wasnt new for me, except I would not think about the rituals as a big benefit, but this time I did take to rituals every two weeks fasting and very regularly being at the temple for the special arathi that would be held. I was regular in every sense of the word.

4. Started Reading: Though reading was in my habit this expanded to more of book on motivation, some of the Robin Sharma titles and other came my way. More understanding and getting on.

5. Legal training: I was getting trained to think legally in every aspect of life. What if. I was getting to read and sort articles and help my lawyer friend and keep track of the latest judgement on the certain topic that I was involved with.

6. Very close knit friendship: It was close and very small in number though I had enough of contact and acquaintances as a part of my professional network.

I think I should have taken to physical fitness  or a physical regimen and that would have amplified in a healthy life style not that it was showing anything bad  still looking back it would have made a lot of difference.

So why am I writing this now.? well in case you think you have had your worst moment think about it, almost everyone has had one and its actually the way you bounce back that marks the person you are.


PS: I had wanted to write on this ever since I read a blog from Shailaja mam!

But the immediate reaction was an invitation from our JCI Coimbatore Cosmo chapter for its ID program. The best part was the sharing of the presentation with all members and found it useful to go through that since I was not able to make it.


So I thought I shall pen down some of my own experience during the last 10 years or so.

How difficult is simple?

SSB Physical activity











On the second day of the SSB interview at 22  SSB Bhopal, we were led to the physical activity day. There were hurdles to cross and a timed activity we were supposed to go across, jump, go up a tree, walk the burma bridge and get down a tarzan rope among the few.

The timed activity would give you a mark ranging from 1 to 10 and you could be getting the maximum if you complete the maximum tasks in the minimum time.

The officer in-charge that day was one Major Ramachandran who hailed from Andhra Pradesh.

‘Welcome gentlemen,’ he began, ‘You are trying something some of the most famous people tried and didnt go through, for example Amitabh Bachchan tried to be a part of NDA, and get into the Army, but he couldnt. But dont stop trying what you wanted to do. Having come this far, I am sure you have it in you to make it to the final frontier. Again I would also like to state that you should not be disheartened in case you dont make it. That’s a mark of a gentleman. Who knows you would be a better actor or a better poet.’

I remember the advertising campaign that Army was running was ‘Do you have it in you?’ a television commercial that showcased the life of an army officer in those 60 second tvc.

Then he smiled at all of us. Everybody in the team were so upbeat, why would they be, then he turned to his right and said pointing to a wall and a steep mound of mud laid over there.

‘Gentlemen youhave four tasks here. The first one is very very very simple, the second one very very simple, the third one very simple and the fourth one simple.’

There was such a euphoria listening to those words and the way it was delivered, in a normal instance the same would have been like – the first one was easy, the second one difficult, the third one more difficult and the last one most difficult.

The choice of words have a soothing effect on our psychology. So too, to our surprise everyone outdid each other and the batch of ours 12 of us did the whole exercise in a record time.

I vividly remember this since this has has a profound effect on looking at life differently and thats how you got to treat the problems in life, the so called more difficult would be simple one and the rest would fall into really very very simple and very very very simple types.

Try this and let me know, It has worked absolutely fine, it helps us understand the mind and make it listen to us the way we want.


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The Habit of Winning by Prakash Iyer – book review

The Habit of Winning


There is a beautiful saying which is quite often related to Mahatma Gandhi, ‘Your greatness lies in your simplicity.’ Probably this best sums up the way the author Prakash Iyer presents his wonderful book ‘The Habit of Winning.’

India is a land traditionally bound by story telling right from the Ramayana days. We are fond of stories and never ever get tired listening to it and reading them galore, but the foot note of those stories and learning’s are lost, but in here the author makes for an excellent story teller laced with simplicity, one on one narration and takes you to the place of happening and makes you revisit them in front of your eyes. Every story is based on real life situations of managers, of corporate heads, of sports persons from different parts of the world. Talking of sports, it automatically serves to draw a parallel of what life is all about.

We are taken through some of the best stories which will lift your spirits, make you come out of your slumber and more so get your act together. The best part all the heroes in the book are close to you and me and we know them by their name except a few.

The author narrates the stories personally to the reader and that makes it the best reading experience. As I found you need not be reading through from page 1 to the end, but even if you open any page you are bound to find the flow of wisdom, his care for his reader intact at every paragraph, every sentence and most important part of this book is it doesn’t make you rush. You take your time to read and digest it in your own pace. You will love it that way because there are moments you can easily look back and relate. Something like having ‘a to do’ list.

The stories bring to life the traits of some of the accomplished leaders, known for their conviction, self-belief, perseverance and many other positives to make you take that first step to achieve what you thought was impossible. There are stories of Sachin to Sidhu to Micheal Phelps, all great in their own right and we would discover what it took them to be the great people are those traits of small measure in their own way making it happen for them. It would find us the most elusive success.

There is one story of the Goal Keeper during a penalty shoot out. Though it has been found scientifically that a goal keeper would do better without diving in either direction, he is compelled to ‘do the diving’ to fulfill what is called as ‘atleast he tried’ syndrome. A pointer that we also take some things in life just to fulfill the societal obligations; may be we need a rethink.

Some stories relate to change in strategy and some relate to a full overhaul, we need to think over before we practice them and should be read in relevant context of personal life and corporate career.

The most adorable part of these stories is that its works across the ladder in a corporate and across age group in a family there’s a story for everyone.  Possibly it’s never too late to start even now.

Lot of instances from everyday life and especially those from sports are a delightful read and inspire the mind and fills you with a positive spirit as much as flying a kite.

I would have liked a to do list in the end of the book so that for those of us who think they need a bit of direction, or may be the author thought it fit to make the reader take the initiative.

In a way a nice read and its doesn’t sound like an advice and that’s one aspect every reader will easily like it. One thing comes out fair and square, there is no substitute to hard work and couple that with sheer positives, what you get is a sheer winner and as the adage goes ‘Winning is a habit and unfortunately failure too is.’

Life – It’s a mind game to be won, even before you are on the field, and sometimes the worst situations are the best platform to showcase yourself, believe in yourself and break the mental barrier as a sprinter Roger did crossing a mile under the 4 min mark, while the whole world thought it was impossible to do it.

Once the mental barrier is broken, the body gives in way a little easily, otherwise it would be very tough even to take the first step. Quite often we get carried by mental convictions even before we have tried or sometimes you just don’t have the last minute of patience after all the hard work that we put it in.

There are also some advices in a practical outlook like don’t ever try to befriend a scorpion lest it should sting, no fault here on the scorpion because it’s its character to do exactly that.

This book would make for a nice gift to anyone who you care about and a really a special way to say you really care and this book fits it exactly. A very nice little offering and as they say good things comes in small packages!

R Senthilkumar

PS: Thank you Blogadda.com for this wonderful opportunity to review a nice book as I start this voyage of discovery of reading and writing reviews!

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