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The reason why I quit Facebook!



Ok Now that I have your attention, Let me put it this way, I don’t think I will quit Facebook for may be another 5 years. There are different ways of looking at why you got to be on Facebook. On the face of it, its connects people known / unknown. I am actually wary of those unknown friend requests that keep cropping up.

My only criteria in accepting a friendship request is the number of mutual friends, possibly thats the yardstick that you need to have the way to be friendly. Don’t have to accept every fb request. Thats a little gyan for everyone especially the ladies. I still wonder why you would accept a Fb request from a stranger.

Now to why I wont be quitting FB! FB perhaps has had the best of times when it reconnects people after a long time.

Try doing it, you can actually search for your school friends and college friends, who are far and wide in literal sense and reconnect with them. I am sure this would not have been possible without this approach.

I have met friends say after 20 long years reconnected with them through Facebook – met them offline and we still talk. Isn’t that a nice way of looking at it. We get to see people getting married though they would not have invited you too! 😛

On the other side of marketing any medium which comes to you free has to survive on advertising and that will be they way forward for any of the new ventures too. How would you expect Facebook to be free, be connected to everyone, be narcissist and post selfies on selfies and complain when they advertise on Facebook.

Imagine someone asking money for every post that you make, haha half the population wont even go neat especially in Indian context.

And for other who take privacy as a concern, please note that there are enough safeguards in the net if you are looking at it. On the other hand every time you fill a registration form and click I accept, please read it fully and then accept it before complaining.

The fact today is I have read all the terms and conditions is the biggest joke that we make on ourselves.

The next time you don’t want someone to see your pic please select the privacy options and then do the post.

Its like this, a sharpened knife by itself is not a dangerous tool. It is actually the user it could be surgeon who would help you or it could be the dangerous one.

So next time you are Facebook think about how its changed your life for the better, and yeah sometime later I shall say how best to use it and make it worthwhile being on Facebook and may be earn a living too!


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