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Look at my valentine! I,Me Myself! #unconditionallove


Being lost in love to yourself is the best part. And when you have a phone that can just let you be yourself, why do you need a Valentine? eh? Here goes the reasons why Asus Zenphone is the first and the last Valentine!

The High definition Display screen

Watch the images come alive on the screen with IPS technology rendering wide viewing angle to the display enhancing the video viewing experience.  And don’t forget you can navigate through multiple applications on this large touchscreen with ease. with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels it provides clearer images with brilliant contrast quality.

The power to be worry free is a great feeling!

Only when you have an Asus Zenphone do you think more of yourself than worry for so many things. You know when you are powered by Intel Atom Processor which is energy efficient and lets you do what you like talk or play without worrying for you battery

An third eye you would love!

A camera so great makes for your third eye, so you get pictures that others cant. Yeah when you have a 5 element optical high quality lens to click pictures and which has sensor with larger aperture allowing more light and delivering great and finer details to your picture. Click pictures like never before so those moments can be lived again.

As much as you would love yourself, you will end up clicking the most self loving selfies as you have a wonderful camera on the front. Click click click all the way everytime you enjoy being yourself.

Play like no one else..

You are a gaming freak and yes play like never before. With Intel inside and graphics supported you are in for a great time play and never a dull moment again. Your Valentine knows you better than ever.

Multitasking like you

There are so many things you want to accomplish and then ofcourse you get that done your way. Asus Zenfone is your companion helping you work getting it over multitask with the power of the Intel inside – browse the web, stream videos and play games all at a go..

The colour full panels 

Trust Asus to make it more colorful for all your occasions or your ward robe. The panels will make you flaunt your phone like a new one every occasion you go to. With s many colors to choose from this is going to give you the right match when you need.

There is enough and more reasons for you to choose Asus Zenfone as your valentine. I am sure this will be great match for those young at heart . S0 you meet your match with a Asus Zenfone. Check out the options that you have to get your most admired Valentine here: http://www.flipkart.com/asus.

Need more reason to see why Asus Zenfone will be your Valentine, watch this video…. making you feel good that you do have a valentine!

This is a part of Indiblogger #HappyHours…


The sound of love! #Feb14


These are crazy times when I would write a post about Valentine’s day. Not that I could do it the way I am gonna explain but I thought I will let my imagination fly and propose to her.

Those three words, well those three words are the toughest to say and you need to be sure that you are saying that to the right person.  I am sure you got to have a clear throat before you venture to say that to your loved one. Might be useful to pop in a Vicks goli, and may be have a mouth freshener and be fully agile after a nice drink of Glucon D or munching down a Perk – take your pick. Mind you this is going to be your make or break day! Never take chances.

So on that day, the first thing is taking up the role of the newspaper boy and get the paper delivered with a bunch of red roses. Try playing a song may be without inviting the attention of the neighborhood uncle. Only thing that should be done is to take care she picks up the paper!

Wait at the corner to find that. Get off from there. Surprise to be maintained.

Next stop. Bus Stop! Send a bunch of flowers through may be the nearest florist with a tag. Follow up to the work place. Already a special bouquet is placed at her table.

Chances are she might get to know.  I send a video message at 12.00 pm on her mobile…. and the same time there is a delivery of a beautiful Bluestone #SOUNDOFLOVE pendant.

If you thought we were crazy about love imagine the people at Bluestone, they got the wave of the words I Love You and made a design! You ask me are they for real? Well thats a kinda Physics marries emotion and gold eh??? That’s crazy psychology if you ask me. And mind you they have same day shipping that’s really a great way to surprise your beloved.

The best part of the unboxing is when she opens up the box, there’s this back ground music all around and then this is the highlight.  Enter the hero, yours truly and kneel before with a Red rose and propose!

Same time will have a cake – white forest to be cut for the day… no points for guessing the design is the new wave design of Bluestone Sound of love collection.

Now that Valentine’s Day is already planned I am now going to see the design in action especially the way they came out with the wave.


“I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity atBlogAdda in association with Bluestone

Lunchboxed on a valentines day #lunchboxANDyou

Well, let me tell you my friends, I never thought I would be writing this post. Seriously!

Until I was browsing the Indiblogger mail, may be that happened for a reason and possibly it was destined

Valentine’s day has never been my cup of tea. For someone who believes that every moment could be a valentine’s moment, all you need was to be in that realm of mental happiness be in touch and you know they are there for you. Someone who thinks telepathy happens for a reason.

But then times changed. I was introduced to her by my parents. On that day I didn’t even speak to her.  You know the way it works in the arranged marriage types. Every one talked. except may be us.

The beauty of relationship is in understanding things without having to say sometimes. I think that happened, and soon we started talking and today we are engaged.

So when everyone asks me how often do you call, I say sometimes, and those times are when there is a connect to say things and get to know us better. And that sometimes could be everyday or alternate days.

There is this acceptance of the dual nature that we are in our work, the way I have been with many companies in my career and she with just one all 14 years! A very digital and socially affable me against a minimal presence online from her side.

I now know there need not be common grounds in a relationship, possibly that would actually open up new points to understand the better of the other person. The beauty of a relationship is in understanding the other person, accommodating them in your world without reservations.

And talking of food, she loves chicken – always has a big taste for anything chicken, so I thought she could have some butter chicken and some biriyani for the lunchbox.  So this Valentine’s Day would be remembered for sure. The Lunchbox will be a memory of the bonding between us.

And a note, a very small one at that…

Chitra Dear,
Happy Valentines Day!
A special Lunchbox to celebrate the special day!
Thanks for being the special person in my life…
Have a memorable day!
Yours Senthil

At home for us eating together is a habit that has grown over the years, and there is a call to confirm if we are making it on time.
For all those who are celebrating your day don’t forget to make it special for the special person in your life whoever is your valentine.

This Valentine’s day make it special with a 8.00 pm premiere of  LunchBox the critically acclaimed movie only at ANDPictures.in check out the link here.

The Valentines Day Premiere!


Thanks #Indiblogger and &pictures for making this possible to celebrate this wonderful day in a special way.


An’er V day & a bomblast @Pune

Normally for us at Coimbatore, and for those of us our age the late 20s and starting 30s Valentine’s Day hold forth bad memories of how 12 years back, the city went into a torrid state of affairs with almost 16 bombs exploding across the city.

56 people died (or they say so) and many had their life taken out from limbs and other parts, the city was held to ransom for another two days to defuse another bomb. We had a hero in Sanjay Arora, if I remember right, he was a part of the defusing squad and the city tried to get back to normal. It never could come back to it ways.

Economically all the business moved to the periphery of the city. There wasn’t much left behind and it was going to be tough to rebuild lives. Amidst all this was the political tamasha for the trial that took place in the special court and the judgment lacked teeth and left the people in despair. The best part is that they could not do anything.

So many people had lost their kith and kin, friends and neighbors and to this day we don’t know their name nor faces.

When yesterday’s bomb blast took place at Pune, I started reliving those moments though I had not personally been through it. A stark reminder that for the general public getting back home could be as lucky as he or she could get.

The twitter world was for once doing so much and I should mention an important name here. Shekar Kapoor was the voice of sanity and good humanity and his tweets were retweeted n times across. In an another instance of public apathy Pune could not beat MNIK for being the trending topic though it came close to being third topic.

The best part is that the govt went on overdrive in its PR and I think whoever can see it strategic should learn form these people, be it the opposition party or the corporates. Our HM, P Chidambaram has become a goody goody HM getting accolades from everywhere in the media. He doesn’t change clothes often as Shivraj Patil.

So much has happened and we will be sitting across the table and chatting with them to cool tempers and many of the elist media consider that to be the sole alternative at this hour.

As such Common man has no idea what will happen nor is his idea put to vote. I dont know how long will we be like this being bombed and revel in state of fear.