Well, people call me Senthilkumar Rajappan. A Digital Media Professional and an Entrepreneur by heart. A dad to a cute angel. 🙂

A Digital Media professional with over 16 years experience across sales strategy / content / events.  Currently head of publisher development and content strategy at InStream adtech. Been with Networkplay, between 2010 and 2014, worked in Strategy, competition tracking, packaging of inventory apart from being very active on ad:tech New Delhi and iMedia Summits.

Prior to this, advertising and brand management career across verticals – Academic, Retail, IT, Sports management and Public Relations for over 8 years. 

Had the privilege of being the manager to the fastest Indian in the world – Narain Karthikeyan, during the peak of his career, between 2004 and 2007. Also led the Team Gemini Racing in the national motorsports for 2 years 2008-2009.

Working in startups has been my forte, right from an internal communications and advertising agency of a educational conglomerate to an ITES services, to a Brand management of an F1 driver to putting up a new racing team.

A NET qualified Management graduate, have played academic teaching Executive Communication & Managerial Communication, Brand Management and Advertising & Sales Management for MBAs at PSG IM & Anna University, Coimbatore.

Recommended by the board for Indian Military Academy, Dehradun (22-SSB Bhopal June 1998).

As for this blog, it will be scribbling pad to jott my minds wanderlust and getaways. Specialise in Book reviews, digital trends and automobile reviews.

My milestones in blogging:

  • Blog published in CNN IBN on 60th Independence day 2007
  • Awarded the best sports blog: F1blogs by O3 Community – an Indiatimes platform 2007
  • Official Red Bull Blogger for Red Bull Racing – Project Khardung La Extreme 2011
  • Official Pitlane Blogger for Force India F1 – One from a Billion Driver Talent Hunt 2012
  • Have blogged extensively for ad:tech and iMedia Summits between 2010 -2013
  • Nominated as one of India’s top 50 Bloggers by Blogadda 2014
  • Indiblogger Indian General Election Blogging 2014 – Runner / 2nd place
  • Indiblogger Blogging Contest Winner.

Should you think its boring and crap outta here, pl do drop a mail to :
senthilkumar(dot) rajappan (at) gmail (dot ) com and if not do take a little time to comment.

Thanks for being here 🙂

R Senthilkumar  – 1977 & beyond…

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  1. Hi,
    Having been with NK, do you think he might get a F1 seat again?? Have been following him closely as I hail from the same city as his. In Silverstone Lemans, he finished 6th.
    At the same time, I checked on Karun’s GP2 result in Italy.. 19th.. But he was in the F1 race in force india dug out.. What a pity… I feel sorry for NK

    1. HI Hari ram,
      Its a bit of anti climax as far as Narain’s career is concerned. The best part is we need sponsors and more importantly we need people to at least look being diplomatic, its neither happened with Vijay Mallya nor NK. Its tought ot get sponsors of that scale that F1 needs. May be some new team but I cant see why they would take NK when there are so many from GP2 and F2 series or even World Series by Renault.

      As regards Karun, there is a politically correct version so much that Bernie thinks he deserves a seat but it is not so true as much as they think they can sell F1 to Indian fans. Unfortunately, this year the sponsors cut out on KC and he is no more competitive. May be KC can be seen driving in 2011 or some other team in 2010.

      BTW thanks for dropping by…. will touch base by mail. See ya

  2. Hi Senthil, happy to meet u online and would like to know whether u are earning anything online and if so I would like to know the method u are adopting.
    Thank u.

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