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Best Sports biopic in Bollywood

I know this week saw MS Dhoni the Untold story release. It might be nice to sit and watch the movie with Sushant Singh donning the lead role and doing the batting with a flourish like only MS Dhoni can do.

Travel back some days if you remember the flying Sikh, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and the way Farhan Akthar transformed himself to get to the speed Milkha Singh did. It’s not that easy as donning a regular role for any other kind of movie. These characters are about grit and determination and getting to the role in the finesse that can be seen physically tough and emote the way as a sports man would be a great stuff.

The likes of Mary Kom and Milka Singh is a great inspiration for biopics, and this trend should continue so that many generation to come can have a look at how these greats contributed to the sports.

Also some bio pics like Azhar could have been handled better in my view. The Dhoni becoming a raging success is an attribute to the man himself.

But what of those sweat and training of the likes of Priyanka who did the Mary Kom part or Sushant Singh Rajput who did Dhoni or Farhan Akthar who did Bhaag Milka Bhaag.

It needs the same strength and tensile ability to bring life to those characters which would be lifeless without the intensity that comes to ghe fore in a real sport. That perhaps is the challenge that these actors come upto. Farhan Akthar’s role as Milka Singh will remain one of the best performances in his career as an ode to the man who missed the medal.

Coming back to Sushant Singh here, he really would have loved being a cricketer after the movie it can easily be judged not  as to how he has evolved as an actor but as a cricketer. I would bet if he can be bought over in a an IPL he would be an easy target from some of the best teams.

Imagine getting into Captain cools shoes, you will know what I am talking about. Probably getting to terms in executing a helicopter shot would perhaps been one of the biggest challenge that’s so Dhonisque.

The success of biopics is the ability to get the audience inspired and it need not be all the time at the movie but even if there is a 1% inspiration that counts because we don’t know how it will playout in an individuals life.

As regards the physical regimen it makes it all the more alluring and that’s one component that’s a lifetime for a sportsman but a year or so for the actor. Here read this story of Sushant Singh and  have a look at this video!

The Cricket World Cup the style extravaganza par excellence…

There was once a time when the players played in whites, you had to be really attentive to keep track of them. The style quotient however flamboyant wasn’t really  the way it ought to have looked with the jaded whites not making any impact on the photograph too.

There were days even earlier when the likes of Sir Richards, and Shastri modelling for Only Vimal suitings, well all these off the cricketing action in fact. They had a charm but well all you could watch was that shot and the leg work or sometimes the run up and the action of the bowler.

shashti vimal

Then the colours came in, one day internationals was not jaded in whites, the gentleman’s game was getting some colour on the field literally. then on the colour have ruled the roost in yellow, blues, greens not to mention the maroon.

One of the biggest and closest moments someone came to be associated with style and cricket officially was when the Pakistani President Musharaf requested Dhoni not to cut his long mane – hair during his T20 trophy presentation. Did we hear it right, well fashion and dressing had changed by then. India was in blues, and till day continues to #bleedblue ofcourse of varying shades of blue that is.

Ofcourse the foreign players on a Mohawk haircut or a shaved one would not have been a great sight but Indians team and its players have also started to don some significant changes in their attitude wearing the fashion on their sleeve, er on the head and sometimes the moustache. And when Dhoni did it was news flashy across…

As I write this there are enough reports on the style quotient especially with respect to Shikar Dhawan’s moustache so much that the Gillette is reporting slow down in sales. Just kidding. This is also the target audience’s involvement in fashion that gets reflected in the dressing room.


I heard Harsha during the commentary during the recent world cup matches on how the Indian boys would have done their haircut in Australia, may be they were helping themselves in the dressing room. Now apart from the way they wield a bat or bowl a fine length its their looks and the hair that have now become the talk of the town ofcourse all these with the performance that they match on ground.

You cannot dismiss the coloring of the hair either. The best of the lot Malinga can look menacing with his colour and add fire power to his pace if you ask me.


Colours colours everywhere and to top it all a trimmed hair head in a moments notice and a worldcup trophy – that was Dhoni for you.


The tatoo play: These days we have seen the tatoos with Virat and other players sporting them in a style to match the aggressiveness they sport on the field. It adds to the style quotient without any doubt.


Its now a game with so much at stake and well if you ask me there is a lot of it with style adding to it.

I am sure we have come a long way. Just take a look at this pic when Kapil Dev and his men won the 1984 worldcup with the then Indian Prime Minister. That almost look like the men are from a corporate club working 🙂




Photo credit: Wikipedia