The entrepreneurs bug

This is perhaps the right time to think about being an entrepreneur. I could be little off the mark when I am suggesting something pretty frightful. Looking at the whole ecosystem it is pretty possible on how to find an opportunity to service all those people who seem to have endless troubles courtesy the Great global recession.

So give in your thoughts on how you could make it happen for the people at this time. What are the problems they have. Possibly a counseling center could be a great idea. Counsel them how to overcome the tide.. but yeah will they pay up???

Just kidding thoughts, I am writing this as the deadline closed (update says its been extended till 6 pm 23 Feb) for the “Power of Ideas” initiative of Economic Times and the twitter I am following suggested that there are more than 2500 ideas submitted and thats a big number coming close on about 600 ideas showcased at TATA NEN Startups last Quarter.

So there are no dearth of talent in our country. I am particularly happy at the new media and mobile technology sphere since everybody is working to overcome the bandwidth hurdle and more so become personal in the approach to solving a problem.

Just log into Power of Ideas and check out the twitter here.

At last we are proving that we need the right platform to prove of what we need to do. This way the people associated with the event are those who have the entrepreneur’s bug bitten wannabes.

I had the chance to browse a quite a handful ideas and all those relating event to the rural backdrop something close to my heart the bottom of the pyramid stuff.

It is a rejuvenation and a little pleasant to see so many people taking that entrepreneurial plunge and making it happen at this juncture…

For all those who dare not think beyond the salary check, one idea selling hot is go back to a business school if you have not done your MBA, and by the time the economy recovers it would be really great (hopefully!).

Signing off,

R Senthilkumar