Thoughts on the eve of 62 Independence day

Mera Bharat Mahaan!!!
Mera Bharat Mahaan!!!

So another day sorry Independence day. Not everyone is happy, it fell on a Saturday. One holiday less from the other way of looking at Jan 26 and Aug 15 and add Oct 2 to it.

Looking back I am half the age of our country more or less, and given that I was born thirty years into the free India and lived through another thirty years. Has anything changed, Yes and No.

There has been a phenomenal strides to name a few, population from just 40 odd crores to some 105 today, politicians have run the country far better than Maharajahs only that some families get elected democratically. The country boasts of superior warfare technique but a Swine flu can cause panic like hell. The country’s villages have remained villages though enough money has been earmarked every five year in a plan to loot the country.

And it took one Abhinav Bindra to take in a gold after a looooooooooooooong wait at the Olympics and guess what we ran a one year completion interview. But yeah one man had managed to be the President of Olympic Association for over two decades and no accountability on any sports. And Hockey is a nation game or sometimes its a national shame so much so that cricket has become the end all and everything India stands in sports and games.

List is endless…..

Happy Independence Day!!!