Red Bull: Drive Safe is the message!

Its day 2 in Delhi and the main attraction today was the assembling the Red Bull F1 car, all from scratch, fully putting it together for the race day if you may call it tomorrow. And the media had a great time covering the event.  You just had the chassis, and then everything else being added to get the car in shape, suspension, wings, nose cone, tyres…and the speed with which they did amazed the onlookers.

The engine revved and set the decibels going high! Even the engineers held the hand to their ears as the engine fired. Have a look at the picture gallery here.

Mr Antony Ward, Brand manager of the Red Bull Racing team is down here for the RB Speed Street event.

So for all of you thinking this is just a demonstration of the F1 prowess of the RBR team, hold on its also the commitment that F1 drivers have to safe driving and more importantly that of RBR team championing the need for safe driving.

And who better to partner in this endeavour to promote safe driving, of course the Delhi Police, and they were all support in the organization of the event.

Mr. Antony Ward echoed these sentiments when he said ‘Safety cannot be underestimated anytime, anywhere. We take safety extremely seriously, and that is why we have a strong safety record on track which has led us to driver and constructors titles.’

He also said that this is a historic setting for Red Bull to be racing in the backdrop of this iconic and grand monument of India Gate.

The Commissioner of Police, said that this a wonderful opportunity to see the F1 car being raced at Rajpath and also the message of driving safe in the city will reach enmasse with this event.

The police had already issued some traffic guidelines and reiterated the same today during the Press Conference at the India Gate. Its also been advised to use public transport to come to the venue as it would be difficult to park a lot many vehicles coming to the event.

So welcome all as Red Bull Racing team gears to host its first Red Bull Speed Street in Delhi, you also have a lot of entertainment lined up as curtain raiser to this mega event.

There is Indian Ocean performing tomorrow, you have two wheeler stunts performed to a precision by team Ghost Ryderz and a drift show by Renault Drift team.

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R Senthilkumar