TATA Indica Vista D90 – the all new sedan class from TATA!

So that’s was a pleasant surprise when I heard from Blogadda that I am getting to test the all new Tata Indica Vista D90 the one which is yet to be launched.

The car arrived at my office on that day, was feeling elated, it’s a new car and few people have access to it. The ever smiling Tushar Shah from Tata Motors was my connect for the car.

Very sporty look with a dual tone alloy wheels, and a standard TATA front grill, chrome plated fog lamps (front & rear) and a pretty wide eyes – triple barrel headlamps almost going to the door greeted me at the first look! The car comes with ABS, the airbags as standard, in the car I drove which is spice red it had a contrast roof a black one!

You open the car doors to a wide interiors looking menacingly with the beige interiors adding to the space. You could seat comfortably smug in the bucket seat and with steering tilt adjust it to your convenience.

A look at the steering wheel and you get the smart controls at your finger tips. The music, the phone which can be connected via Blue tooth and much more! A peek into the clean dash board gives you the nice interface on the speedometer and the rpm you rev.

The centrally located dashboard  has the 2din music system which has connectivity on USB and also the Blue tooth! You could pair upto 5 devices and the moment you are in the car it will automagically connect you to the device, well you could prioritise the device list.

So you know you got to only think about driving your passionate vehicle and only enjoy the drive. You can pick up the call right from the steering wheel, don’t have to take your hands off anytime.

Just above the console that houses the time machine blinking on the you, is all new Driver Information System. Mindblowing insight into consumer insight is my way of looking at that. It gives you the distance left to the Fuel station, the average mileage that you are clocking at any instant and also the temperature and the time all at alternate clicks of the button.

The leg room is ample for the fornt seat as well as the back seats and the back seat can comfortably seat three people. Behind the seat is a socket for you to charge your electronic devices. Just in case the battery charger is in use near the driver’s console.

The back seat also folds itself to give you more space in case you want at times.

Now you start the car and it responds with a low sound, and you would want to confirm yourself with pushing the accelerator, then you know it’s a diesel engine. Once you get into the driving mode the engine responds so very agile and gets to push faster of course if you have a clear road ahead.

The engine throwing up 90 bhp and with VGT as the state of the heart, responds quickly even at low rpms for you to navigate the city traffic and the traffic signals with ease.

Driving in traffic, it squeezes through cutting corners with the very responsive power steering and the turning radius is awesome to say the least.

The engine responds with a 0-100 kmph in over 15 seconds flat and can touch a top speed of over 150 kmph.

Sometimes intelligence is also at the back of the car like here in D90, where in case its raining your rear wiper will go into action automatically when you are reversing the car.  Yeah I had forgot to mention the rear demister too!  May be two days later I would have got the wind of the same in Delhi when it rained.

A very nice package from TATA and looking forward to it being a runaway success. A very powerful car in its class and with the host of new features it would be a great steal! I am sure you are gonna enjoy the long drive!

Some pictures! 


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Senthilkumar Rajappan