Kalyan Jewellers makes a superb TVC and makes a splash on Youtube!

This ad by Kalyan Jewellers was being awaited atleast going by what Manju Warrier told everyone watching the malayalam channels a few days prior to the release of this TVC.

I was also a bit surprised that they ran a TVC to announce another TVC, ofcourse Manju Warrier was making a comeback screen presence after long. It was a coup of sorts to get them together – Senior Bachan and Manju Warrier on the same screen. The script is nice and real to a great extent.

And when the ad made the debut, it was a long one just over 2 minutes with slice of life moments and then culminating with the Vishvasam alle ellam which translates to Trust is everything. I think that was a nice way of relating to the customer and the brand value comes so close to the ad.

Here take a look at the ad:

Now coming to why I was writing this, this has garnered over a million views on Youtube in almost 3-4 days since its launch in the last week.

It made sense to be on the social media since this was a pretty long commercial and may be the next set of TVCs will be a bit short and you know how it goes.

This is the effect that “Owned Media” will have in the long run. Getting close to 1 million views in real, you can work the economics of the same when you are broadcasting this in the Television media.

This should have been taken with some more options like may be download ring tone (here there was no real ring tone though, or could have asked people to shoot their experience and crowd source video reaction to this ad…)

So its a nice start for even retail brands like Kalyan to get into this space and make a statement. This almost takes you off being a regional player and makes the other brands to look up. Thats the best part with digital, made the world look up to well you know who – with why this kolaveridi? Dhanush K Raja! Yes digital is here and how. Watch out for other retailers to take a cue from this.

On another note and closer look, was surprised to see Manju Warrier was having the seat belt on while she was being driven to the hospital – who are you kidding guys?

Senthilkumar R