Mother, Wheres My Country? by Anubha Bhonsle #bookreview


Publisher Speaking Tiger
ISBN-10 9385288350
Edition 1
Number of Pages 256 Pages
Publication Year 2016
Language English
ISBN-13 9789385288357
Binding Hardcover

The title is as intriguing as the story that unfolds in the pages of this book, Mother, Where’s My Country? by Anubha Bhonsle.

The very affable TV anchor and the champion of Citizen Journalist, Anubha makes this book a compelling read with graphic imagery of what Manipur is all about. That the tyranny of distance has been shortened in this book is a very great attempt in bringing the stories from Manipur to the masses or even take them to the TV studios because of the way it has been written.

The imagery presented in this book is not just the lush green forest cover but uncovers the militant and the govt, the life and times of Irom Sharmila. An mammoth effort spread over long years of journalistic work, this book is a testament to true inquiring journalistic reporting of a story especially of the North East that comes into news only when there is an election or a riot. The everyday trespasses that the army or the naxal make against the dutiful citizens get mired in local press not much coverage again.

Heart rending stories, and anecdotes from first person account and trailing the Irom Sharmila’s fast all make for an intense storytelling. At time makes me wonder how we take our life for granted. We cant even adjust to some bad roads and some municipal issues, whereas there is a part of the country where rules are not rules nor laws are enforced.

Like P Sainath says in his quote this is perhaps a reflection of the North East and ofcourse the topic happens to be Manipur. This I am sure would be one of the best non fiction books to come in a long time. The context of North East makes it more compelling and the way  it has been presented to the audience is note worthy.

Engrossing read is probably an understatement, makes you immerse  yourself and think where’s my country, this book is a classic attempt by a journalist who knows what she is doing – going after truth at all cost.

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