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An’er V day & a bomblast @Pune

Normally for us at Coimbatore, and for those of us our age the late 20s and starting 30s Valentine’s Day hold forth bad memories of how 12 years back, the city went into a torrid state of affairs with almost 16 bombs exploding across the city.

56 people died (or they say so) and many had their life taken out from limbs and other parts, the city was held to ransom for another two days to defuse another bomb. We had a hero in Sanjay Arora, if I remember right, he was a part of the defusing squad and the city tried to get back to normal. It never could come back to it ways.

Economically all the business moved to the periphery of the city. There wasn’t much left behind and it was going to be tough to rebuild lives. Amidst all this was the political tamasha for the trial that took place in the special court and the judgment lacked teeth and left the people in despair. The best part is that they could not do anything.

So many people had lost their kith and kin, friends and neighbors and to this day we don’t know their name nor faces.

When yesterday’s bomb blast took place at Pune, I started reliving those moments though I had not personally been through it. A stark reminder that for the general public getting back home could be as lucky as he or she could get.

The twitter world was for once doing so much and I should mention an important name here. Shekar Kapoor was the voice of sanity and good humanity and his tweets were retweeted n times across. In an another instance of public apathy Pune could not beat MNIK for being the trending topic though it came close to being third topic.

The best part is that the govt went on overdrive in its PR and I think whoever can see it strategic should learn form these people, be it the opposition party or the corporates. Our HM, P Chidambaram has become a goody goody HM getting accolades from everywhere in the media. He doesn’t change clothes often as Shivraj Patil.

So much has happened and we will be sitting across the table and chatting with them to cool tempers and many of the elist media consider that to be the sole alternative at this hour.

As such Common man has no idea what will happen nor is his idea put to vote. I dont know how long will we be like this being bombed and revel in state of fear.


Swine Flu and its effects…

We always have a thought that its ok if its Pune or even Karnataka and yesterday it dawned that Tamilnadu could also have its first victim and it turned out that we were not expecting that so easily. If you track that history of the 4-year kid we were caught unawares and finally it was too late as in the case of Rida.

I was surprised by two news reports on NDTV when they had the listing of all the other diseases which are given the go by.

Another was a coverage on the Drought which Prannoy Roy said was going to be worse than Swine Flu if it goes uncared for. It was spine chilling to say the least.

Another interesting aspect of media coverage seems to be panicky with every death being reported with so much urgency and what not. One more why is Swine flu being touted so much, its the like of the AIDS where in the rich and famous are also the victim rather than those at lower levels who are prone to TB or malaria. Or those in Bihar with cerebral malaria being in the sidelines not in the news. Who cares anyway.

We need to caution ourselves to one point that this should not infiltrate into the lower strata because they cannot identify it so easily…now who needs a Nuclear bomb when you can have swine flu imported like this.

The worst part is the headline in Hindu which said: Manmohan to Azad: Speed up Swine flu measures. Atrocious looks like a Headmaster reprimanding his teacher.

In all this I was just thinking if Anbumani Ramadoss could have delivered better. Or was it just a doctor on duty made it for himself.

R Senthilkumar