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David Coulthard drives an F1 car the Worli-Bandra Sea Link

It was one in the waiting, ever since Narain drove for the Jordan Mumbai has always wanted to test the roads with an F1 car. It was slated after the final GP in 2005, unfortunately Narain had an accident and the fate of the show was also sealed with that.

Another time was when Renautl brought the car to the capital and drove beautifully on the India Gate road. Though Force India had the launch the car was not driven around, but this time it was veteran David Coulthard who did the honours of driving on the road and he did clock almost 260 km/hr. thats awesome given Indian speeds on roads are not more than 120 km/hr.

See the news video of Times now here.

I think events like these will hasten the sped of construction of the F1 circuit in Gurgoan near Delhi and more so will make an awareness of the sport in toto.