How will Renault fare this year…..???

Its always nice to predict about the F1 races. It is all the more important when we talk of current champions and when they try hard to sustain the momentum.

But Renault starts strong technically that is, on the other hand they have something to deal with emotionally and mentally that the fact that Alonso could be driving for the team which almost came close to challenging their supremacy last year. Inspite of all the rhetorics that this will not have any impact on the 2006 even by Alonso himself I think will not suffice to lift the team morale.

When all things go well it is important for then to actually keep a peaceful mind work towards winning and wrest the podium. All the other teams have already started to see the relative impact of this even in 2006 starter. It remains to be seen how Renault can actualy supress its emotional factor and still race to win.

For me this seems a chance for Fisi who actually started the Renault juggernaut in 2005 and may be he can really win races and still Reanult can find its winning ways. Chances are that all these days being the second driver he is Fisi will get a more than equal with Alonso though Alonso broought the World Champ crown to them.

All these as far as the races go, but a different school of thougth thinks this might be the final year of Reanult in F1, like 2004 when Ford decided it call it quits. Renault CEO has been attributed as saying that F1 and the marketing of road ranult cars havent come together all these years. Probably the chinks are already breaking. And be this is not the way you get started to a new season.
Anyways am wishing Renault all the very best and lets hope to have roaring season ahead and thats what F1 is all about.

I would be failing if I dont really write on the other teams in contention, Mc Laren and ofcourse, Ferrari, Mc Laren because they almost had it good last year and Ferrari because it is the wounded tiger and expect it to make a strong come back bid to the championship.

As for Toyota, it is looking at a good season and other Redbull will contend strongly. Honda havent impressed so much these days will wait and see….

Indian F1 fan.