Sponsorless Narain’s A1GP car

It pained me no bounds when I got to know Narain will be driving without any of the sponsors aboard the A1GP India car powered by Ferrari. It was an anticlimax or an paradox that the first driver who represented the nation in the pinnacle of motor sports has been left to fend for himself in such an disrespectful fashion.

Having known Mr. Narain as a professional, I am sure this is just a passing phase and his positive vibes are sure to get him back to the helm of affairs rightful place among the stars. It also puts a question mark on the viability of Indian brands to reach for the global status. That F1 anf A1GP are of international magnitude is a documented fact and A1GP received a shot in the arm with Ferrari coming on board with their 2007 F1 engine.

The races F1 and A1 have great advertising and massive television reach though A1 cannot be compared to the larger audience that F1 commands, but they are truly international in reach and making it a force to reckon with for the media guys in the advertising fraternity.

It is of course nobody’s case when Doordarshan our national broadcaster shows its door to F1 supremo Bernie few years back when he gave the TV rights on a platter but we refused because of the tobacco advertising and I fail to understand how I am watching Grand Prix a half hour show every night in DD sports and mind you its all the old broad cast files and bet you had more tobacco advertising than today…:(

Then we have Mr. Mallya with ideas that only he thinks deem fit that no Indians are worth the F1 cars that he is owning. Crass imperialist notion we Indians are known for. Like that of Slumdog Millionaire. I just cant digest an anchor like the “Prem” played by Anil Kapoor, still leaving you wonder if anyone worth his self respect can be so rude as those were played real time on small screen by Big B and SRK and ofcourse the Dus Ka Dum Sallu.

So where does it leave Indian Motorsports, not so rosy picture I guess, nevertheless that a die hard optimist that I am as always I am hopeful that there shall be some great business Samaritans to help the Team A1 GP out of the slushy pit of the financial trouble that they are in now.

Hopefully if Narain can pull it off, it will be possible only by Narain. Keep going as you say that 110% on the over drive…

So that leaves us to think about a long term plan for the motorsports industry now that Bernie has almost promised a GP an Indian GP in 2011. And let the people who are handling the Circuit do their best to get the races asap.

Here’s NK interview at ndtv.com

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R Senthilkumar aka Indian F1 fan

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