So something on an entrepreneur’s mind

That was a pleasant surprise when today morning I learnt that Sarath Babu, the CEO Of Food King, Chennai has decided to take a plunge into politics.

This is one great feeling to see someone who has shown the world to rise from the most downtrodden to the highest order and how by rejecting an offer from MNCs and making idlis. This is in itself is so very adventurous and I know for sure he can be great statesman if the people decide to make him an MP.

I think he should have taken a strategic decision given his success in his business today and most likely if he can win then there is a great hope for Indian politics. Why am so confident is here is a person who still lives at his thatched hutment and knows what is poverty and though he has so many people working for him he is so down to earth and humble.

I did miss a chance to listen to this wonderful and successful entrepreneur at Coimbatore owing to a speaking assignment at a different college at Erode.

I wish him whole heartedly and pray that he makes it to the Honourable MPs list. Then he would know how to feed millions as he is doing today with his Food King.