Sachin on song at Gwalior…

There are moments to cherish in this lifetime. One is being born in an era when Sachin lived and created magic that on one can probably try even to imitate. I am lucky that I am born in this era when cricket was all ints glory at the Gwalior grounds when the master blaster went on to make the unattained 200 in an ODI, playing his heart out and more so enjoying every bit of it.

The one special reason that this man has made every one look up is his humility and dedication to the cause that he is playing for the country. Umpteen times we were led to making it believe that he could no more be looking at 200 as many more names thought that it would be their prerogative. Blasting all such notions and playing a game after 20 years in business with highs and lows, Sachin was his best yesterday, one of my friend commented looking at the wagon wheel, only one place he could not do it was over the wicket keeper head and all other places were absolutely filled with colourful lies representing massive strokes from his bat.

I do envy those who had the fortune of watching it live. Sachin after all these herculean efforts remains that boy next door for all his player team mates and he is one such guide that his presence in the dressing room makes such a difference to all these people.

Absolutely a terrific innings by any standard is this the best or are we yet to see the best?

R senthilkumar