Ultra Mintz – Sugar free power mints from ITC

There was a beautiful gift pack from Blogadda! They know enough ways to actually surprise you!

Opening the box, it was so beautifully packed and a cute tin pack emerged. I loved the package, it meant some thing cool, that I would soon find out. Not just cool, extraordinarily cool!

This latest offering from ITC is bound to make you lose to Ultra Mintz and I am sure you will look to actually show off the piece de art in your hand that cute box which has the mints – clearly stated premium and powerful sugar free mints.


It was mouth watering to see the mints drop out of the cute little container and popping it was the first sensation you would be taken to such a grand level of mild and soothing mint. It was powerfully mixed and then it makes all the difference. Just goes all the way starting those sensations of soothing your throat and also sure to tickle your sense of smell. You get a free and nice breath of life, literally.

DSC_0437The taste lingers on while the mint slowly melts into your mouth and you dont want to lose it fast. Leaves you with a clean and refreshing feeling after every popping of a mint.

ITC should be commended for packing a punch of such magnitude that you would want more. It was extra strong and tastes as much as being sugar free you can go popping as you wish.


The best part is this, you get to show off this nice little tin package and take it out in a style and then pop it in.

And when you know the ingredients that went into the making of these little powerful mints,  you will be really be impressed; well the finest quality of menthol and the best peppermint are from France.

The pack has 60 mints and is priced competitively at INR. 50 and I am sure this pricing will be an easy one for the kind of product which is on offer.


The overall feel is that the pack will attract the young and the old alike especially those who will like the premiumness of the product and there is also a style quotient attached to it a kind of branding if you want to call it that.

So here’s my verdict on this product, very premium packaging black always has that tag attached to it, not to forget the product here is the winner and it’s awesome to say the least! ITC has a winner in the Ultra Mintz and going by the social media reactions I am sure this will rock the market that its targetted to.

You will surely find this in the car or in the table of those cool guys that you associate with and the coolness will for sure spread like wild fire.

Thanks BlogAdda for the opportunity to taste and review, tickling our senses all the way. Thanks ITC for a nice product and a nice experience if I should put it that way, and well rest assured that I shall be a good customer popping in the Ultra Mintz whenever I want to .

“I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda”