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Blogsters – Submission #celebrateblogging

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Chapter 7

ACP Sanjay Arora was not his usual self. A little extra thoughtful, is what his colleagues would say if they could see him now. Maybe he had some personal issues to handle—or maybe he was just exercising his mind by going over old cases.

Sanjay had a reputation to keep, one that went beyond the confines of his khakhi shirt. His was a family built on tradition, and his work had taken him to more places than he could ever imagine.

A doting dad, a loving husband, and the cynosure of quite a few of his senior officers, Sanjay did a clean balancing act of his professional and personal lives. He knew where to draw a line, which was unpoliceman-like behavior, if you asked his friends.

As he sat in deep thought, the phone rang, shattering the silence.

He picked up the phone and held it to his ear, then took a pen and started fidgeting with it as he listened to the person on the other end.

Sanjay listened intently, and replaced the receiver without uttering a single word. It was a call from one of his seniors.

This morning, they’d gotten news of the kidnapping of a child. Looking at the available information, it seemed like an open and shut case of parents not in tandem, and looked as if it was the handiwork of either of them.

There were several similar cases that Sanjay had been tracking since last year. Many times these were dirty tricks resorted to by the parents and also helped in a way by the relatives.

Sanjay sometimes thought that, bad enough that these people behaved irresponsibly, but worse was that they acted as if the police force were also happily lazing around without much work to do. There was an acute resource crunch and Sanjay knew the police was doing its best without much ado. It was always they who had to bear the brunt of the politicians, the media, the people at large and then these frivolous complaints to add to it all.

This case was becoming an important one, the custody of the kid was always going to be a court decision, but what was at stake is also very important.

All the characters were really looking to get off their responsibilities. He would have to get to them to ensure the safe release of the child. And he would do it, come what may. After all, this isn’t the first time he’s doing something like this.

But time and circumstances had different plans for him, and he would be surprised to know that.


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