I want healthy kids – a practical guide by Alia Almoayed a Book Review


Publisher Life Positive Publications
Publication Year 2014
ISBN-13 9788121618762
ISBN-10 8121618762
Language English
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 310 Pages

A beautifully written book on how to raise healthy kids in a very lucid and simple style that will make you go to the book again and again.

The author draws from her experience as a nutritional expert and more so as a mom, probably that makes it all more interesting. This book also has contributions from experts from different places related to nutrition and child upbringing.

This is a step by step process if you ask me on how to care for kids and how to make them eat healthy foods. You will realize how important food habits could make up for the future health of the kids in terms of their learning potential, immunity energy levels etc.

I would suggest this to everyone across ages, especially if you are a parent you will feel inspired by knowing things about kids and how you could make it happen and it would be a wonderful way to bond too!

In case you work with teachers or in direct association with kids, then again you would benefit hugely with the inputs given here in this book. Its  a very practical way as the title suggests.

Then there are food ideas you would love. There are kids expert section with loads of scientific info in case you are looking for some references.

This is a very nice work with a great intent and also very practical in every sense of it.  Very nicely presented and you could actually open a page and you would be really gratified reading it and more so implementing the same would be a breeze.

As the author suggests in her note this is for kids – essentially a 2 years to 13 years bracketed in terms of a guide, but its a whole some presentation if you read it which can easily be extendable to the whole family without much ado.

I also loved the presentation format for a change and the narratives with different usage of fonts and makes for a easy reading and focuses on ease for the reader.

All in all a great book and you would thank me for sure. And for all those who care for a healthy generation in literal sense this is a nice recommendation.

Thanks Yawar and Life Positive for sending me this book and sorry for this delayed review due to some circumstances beyond!


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