Love is in the air!

Rahul and Ramya now engaged, have been going strong for the past three years and the sparks have only increased in their relationships by the day and every time they met. It was only two days ago they met and as he dropped at her house, he took her hand and kissed her good night.

Everytime her friends would ask how is it going in their relationship, she would say ‘all is well’. And times when some of her intruding friends ask on their physical relationship, she would say ‘all that only after marriage’.  It was a surprise for her friends because she was a very broad minded girl having been brought up in a metro and has had access to the best of education and culture and diversity since her father had to travel to the metros owing to his work.

In a discussion one day, when it came to sexual preferences and virginity, her friends found it surprising that she would want to remain a virgin for her husband. They almost laughed it off as a joke. But the past years in her life and moving with her has made them understand she meant it.

When asked why she was not interested in men, she snapped back, ‘I am interested, but no one interests me.’ After some seasons of these statements and answering umpteen number of times, she atlast found Rahul three years back.

Since then the relationship has been going steady and Ramya was also happy with herself and her love life. They would meet every week after work for a date which typically ended like last week Rahul dropping her home around 11.

They had decided to get married, and if when the friend at parties probed they found they were pretty clear about the life ahead and yeah she was  clear about what she wanted.

She had a beautiful family and it was her mother who had been her best friend. She had always found her inner voice talking to her. So when the topic of her relationship came up she had said, ‘Do what you want, but do it the best way and you wont regret anything in life!’

And that had been her guiding mantra and she has never succumbed to the peer pressure of having a boyfriend nor sleeping with them. She has always felt that with relationship comes responsibility for all your actions and it was sheer coincidence that Rahul came into her life like a breeze who would be an anchor to her thoughts and wishes. She had seen a lot of her friends go through the rough patches because of all impulse decisions. Sometimes beauty is skin deep and they get to know after a bad patch!

Rahul was happy to wait till she was comfortable and that took the last three years and now they are almost a married couple as they wait for the D day in a few weeks time. He was happy that she was independent and she did not care for peer pressure.

As the day neared she blushed to herself thinking about the day of wedding and the night thereafter. She knew it was all she had been waiting for in the last three years of courtship with Rahul.


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