The Open Source matters…

Well let me admit I am a fanatic advocate of Open Source though I do believe that Microsoft has the better for itself. Ever since I got introduced to Open Source, thats when I started working for which is my passionate result for racing, and having worked with Joomla it has been my conviction, that I will be voting for open source any day any night.

In India, the government and as well as the developer community is living the dream of having to be on open source…The BOSS system from CDAC, NIC is a case in point.

The Govt of Kerala actually uses only open source in its IT and allied services. I should also point out that the use of Joomla here. All the websites of Govt Ministries are done with Joomla. The latest in the fray is the BJP’s website at where Joomla has been put to some very sensible design and communication use.

Earlier the Prime Ministerial candidates’ portal was also done by Joomla.

Now the reason why I chose this topic is the Vision Statement by the party we are discussing which has used open source as a leverage and has gone to suggest that in its endeavor to connect with people they will only use Open Source to fulfill that. That seems a great paradigm shift in a country like ours. These I think will go a long way to help tide the entry cost barriers which new entrepreneurs may find tough to cross.

I tend to think this way because as an entrepreneur it has been a dampening factor for them in technology the cost involved are high as far as proprietary softwares are concerned.

Its also good to see that evern corporates have embraced opensource to a great extent. visit Tata Nano’s official website to see how you could leverage Joomla…

Well, well, well… this site works on Word press an open source and well its an open source too… it took hardly half an hour for me to get started with this.

The best part of open source is that lot of minds work together to get a thing done and then there are ideas galore so you can actually implement them with existing codes…

So open source matters a lot and well its time we saw its potential and ask me if I am with the BJP on this front on IT, Well I am…but of course the ballot is reserved for another day….

See ya

R Senthilkumar